Tuesday, October 30, 2012

teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red

Goodness, the hurricane pictures are incredible.  What a terrible mess. 

The apple cider vinegar is sick.  I hate it. It is nauseating.  I wonder if I contaminated it because I covered it with a towel that had been used to cover bread in the past.  I've read that bread towels ruin cheese, and I bet they ruin vinegar as well.

We have no more goat babies.  Sally and Hazel are bleating mournfully, and Traci is like, "More food for me!"  I decided to sell Sophie because she was not warming up to us at all.  Sally, as kookoopants as she is, at least has come to like me and seek affection, but Sophie is as standoffish as ever, and exudes irritation any time I touch her.  So, they're off to the auction this morning.  I wish them well.  I wish for them a quick metamorphosis into white packages, rather than being lonely, neglected ditch eaters.  Now I must learn how to draw their blood so I can have them tested for disease and then bred.  Oh, the earthiness of my pretend farming.  The other day we were talking about women who've had their babies in odd places, and how frightening it must have been for the people who had to help with the delivery, and I was thinking to myself, "I'd rock that so hard."  As long as I had iodine, I could cut the cord with my purse knife and tie it off with the dental floss I also carry in my purse, then dip it in the iodine (note to self:  put vial of iodine in purse).  Just like a baby goat!  I have a plan and just enough knowledge to make me dangerous. 

I am making some sugar syrup for the bees this morning.  Do you say "surup" or "seerup?"  I hate "seerup."  Is it regional?

Do any of you want a rabbit?

I think the window has closed on me being able to make a swamp thing costume for this year, but maybe I should get started anyway, for next year.  I bet it's going to be pretty labor-intensive.  

I spent a lot of money at Costco yesterday.  I think I was internalizing the hurricane coverage and subconsciously hoarding for our own coming disaster, which will most likely be an earthquake followed by liquefaction of the Greater Salt Lake Metropolitan Area.  I hope John is working from home that day.  


tipsybaker said...

surup. Dislike seerup too.
The one regional Utah pronunciation I ever noticed is "wahrm" as opposed to "woerm." But maybe that's just in my family and isn't regional at all.

beckster said...

Surup, and I am from the South, the Midsouth to be precise. Nope, no rabbit desires here. I spend a lot of money every time I go to Costco, how can you not? I live right smack on the New Madrid fault, so I figure this area will have a quake that will make the MS river run backwards again. I think if that happens it will not matter who is home! Home, what home?

Eric said...

I thought you were supposed to tie the cord in two places and cut between them.

Tori said...

Did you ever see that creepy police training video from the '60s with the lady giving birth in the backseat of the car? It was totally horrifying to me before I had a kid, it would probably be ok now. Still, worth a google.

I say surup, and since I'm from the PNW you know that's the correct pronunciation because we say everything right. Except, for some reason, the name of our own state. People tend to say Warshington, especially as they get older.

Unknown said...

sorry, it's seerup. I do hate the people in the south who call grocery carts "buggies" If you deliver a baby in the field you don't have to cut the cord unless it's so short that you can't hand the baby up to the mother. I have delivered a baby on the toilet and almost in the shower but both times were in a hospital--I would love to rock a Walmart delivery or maybe Target. P.s. this is Ginny Lee using my husband's account :)