Monday, October 29, 2012

the worst is just around the bend

Whoever told me that rabbits from the same litter can't have babies was dead wrong.  Upon reflection, though, I think what that person actually told me was that sibling rabbits won't fight, not that they won't have babies.  But anyway, there were two dead baby rabbits in Karl, Sugar and Bubbles/Rainbow/Allie's cage on Saturday.  Nuts.  That means we need either another cage or to get rid of at least one rabbit, since I think we dare chance keeping two of the same gender in the same cage without fear of procreation.  You never know, though.  I hear rabbits are very prolific.

This morning I was brushing Willa's hair, and she was whining and carrying on like always, because there were little bits of dum-dum in it this time.  THANKS, BISHOP.  Have I told you of my passionate hatred for suckers? They are the worst candy, and they always, always end up in hair, on faces and hands, on walls and upholstery and carpet . . . HATE HATE HATE.  Every exam room in our doctor's clinic has a drawer with a bin of suckers in it, and he always gives at least one to every one of my kids, usually two or three, and I just want to slap him.  Maybe he should try brushing Willa's hair for a change and see if he still feels so generous with the suckers. 

Just say what the product does:
1.  Fat Boy
2.  Dum-dums
3.  Suckers

In closing, I would like to share with you the picture that my friend Jill sent me a minute ago.  She may have heard once or twice about my otter fetish (not that kind of fetish).

CAN YOU STAND IT?  I almost had a stroke.  I can't even talk about it.  Its cuteness defies description or quantification. 


Jenny said...

Once my mom got bit by an otter at the zoo when she was a little girl. They are cute though.