Saturday, October 20, 2012

you would put meats, whatever varieties that you would choose . . .

Well, I saw this in my in-laws' paper the other day, and I'm not sure how to feel.  Notice the date--TWO DAYS after I posted my grand idea.  Do I sue this "Chip Samson" person for kifing my intellectual property?  Or do I slink away in humiliation that I share sensibilities with the author of "The Born Loser"?  'Tis a conundrum, to be sure. 

We harvested our honey today, which means we opened up our hive and saw that the bees have almost no honey, not even enough to get themselves through the winter, and they stopped building comb right about the time that I added all those new bars so they would have enough space to build on because they were going so gangbusters.  Freaking bees, what is their problem?  So now I'm going to have to supplement them all winter with sugar water, or maybe I'll buy some honey and feed them that.  I'd feel better about it.  Brian gave me one of their combs--a double bar the bees had glued together and filled with honeycomb.  We smashed it and put it in a jar, and right now it is dripping down through the plastic mesh in the nifty jar connecter Brian invented.  We took a bunch of pictures that I'll show you sometime when it's not after ten o'clock at night and the camera is not all the way in the kitchen and I'm in my bed with my hair brushed and lotion already on my feet.  Some other day!