Monday, November 12, 2012

a lot of people hate this hat

We have entered the choice and precious time of year in which I am often able to eat pie for breakfast.  What a wonderful world. 

On Friday we had a master class in blood-drawing.  One of our neighbors is an EMT, and also raises racehorses, so he came and taught three of the members of the Goat Consortium how to draw blood without killing our goats.  We have to have their blood tested to make sure they're healthy before we can breed them.  We watched him do Wendy's goats, then we came to my house and I dug around in poor Hazel's neck for a while until Mike had to do it for me, but then I was able to poke it right in Sally's vein and get the blood we needed.  Exciting!  Every day I learn more things that make me dangerously and deludedly self-assured in medical emergencies. 

Have you started listening to Christmas music yet?  I did a little bit during the weekend, but I'm still not quite ready for a steady diet of it.  It's pretty and all, but sooner or later you're going to run into some dummy oversinging (except Mariah Carey--that is not oversinging, that is good and true), or the radio station will play the Aaron Neville version of "Please Come Home for Christmas" instead of the Eagles version, or they'll play that awful Band Aid colonial vanity piece, or heaven forbid "The Christmas Shoes" with the elfin urchin choir, and then you're mad and wonder how our society went so wrong.  It's treacherous territory. 

Here's my current proposed pie lineup for Thanksgiving (I AM SO EXCITED TO EAT TURKEY I CAN BARELY STAND IT): 
1. chess
I am the only person in my family who likes this pie, because it is so much. But I want to give John's family a chance to taste it and maybe gain a testimony of it. 

2.  apple
I'm leaning very traditional in my pie tastes this year.  Sometimes you don't want apple-cranberry or apple-pear or apple-mangosteen-lychee-Brazil nut.  Sometimes you get sick of all that crap and you just want a plain old apple pie, dangit, is that so hard?  Apple seems like one of those pies that you really miss if it's not there, but also you don't choose first, because you want to try all the others first.  We take apple for granted, is what I'm saying. 

3.  some kind of cream
Probably banana.  I was thinking about banana-chocolate, because I feel less inclined to hew to tradition here.  Is this a culinary misstep? 

4.  pumpkin
Because you have to have pumpkin. 

What are your thoughts?  Should I add more to the lineup?  Less?  Modify the list? 

Along the subject of turkey, yesterday in church I drew this picture: 

Sometimes we don't pay as close attention to the talks as we should. 


highdeekay said...

I always do a cherry. It is for Phil. Even if nobody else eats it (my family isn't a huge fan but the Keslers are). I'm kind of insulted that the pies were assigned to my sister this year. I'm still bringing a cherry. She does really sweet, fancy pies like pumpkin cheesecake and stuff like that. Fun, but at Thanksgiving, I want more traditional. Oh well, I'm assigned vegetables. You know the part of the meal that no one wants because why use up stomach real estate for vegetables?!?


beckster said...

I think your pie picks are right on! I am having pumpkin and cherry, pumpkin for me, cherry for the guys. I always want to do something adventurous, but the guys like the same things every year. I should be grateful, I suppose. As to highdeekay, I think she has been given an opportunity to wow the folks with vegetables that sing!