Monday, November 26, 2012

on my drum

Hey howdy hey, possums.  How did your Thanksgiving compare to previous Thanksgivings?  Ours was grand.  The turkey was terrific (very important), there was a superb stuffing, the gravy was wonderful, and the pies went over well.  If memory serves, chocolate chess went first, then pumpkin, then banana cream, then lemon meringue, then apple, then rhubarb.  I was shocked that pumpkin was the second to go--John's family has never been into pumpkin pie.  That's why I only made one, because I didn't want to be lugging it home and getting all plump on the leftovers.  Sooo plump . . . But there you have it.  The pies turned out nice, and I think I made the correct varietal decisions.  And the bamboo steamer baskets I bought three years ago and use for pie carriers have held up wonderfully.  It's like one of my best purchases ever.  I might even buy some more.  To think of some small steamer baskets and mini-pies contained within almost makes me lose the power of speech from its cuteness.  Because see, the genius is that the basket protects the pie from misfortune while still allowing it to breathe instead of sweat.  Another thing I do that I think is smart is I buy my pie plates from the D.I., because they are the old-style Pyrex, with a simple lip and that's it, and they only cost a buck.  As long as nobody has used them as a bedpan or to cook meth, then we're going to be laughing all the way to the bank.  Although glass is non-porous, so maybe we're fine either way.

I wonder what Cape buffaloes are like in person.  Are they aggressive or docile?  If any of you know a Cape buffalo breeder who had too many calves this year you could let them know that I'd love to have one, as long as it's free and can live with goats.

I had to take Groceries to the vet last week.  I hate how the vet doesn't even ask you if you're on board with the various remedies and unguents with which he is plying the animal, and before you know it, boom, one hundred and ten dollars.  So I've been putting some kind of gook in his eye (he has a scratch on his cornea), and putting amoxycillin and some sort of anti-vomiting medication down his throat, and he has been pretty good about it, but then today he came in limping and I'm like, "What the crap, Groceries?!"  He's going to have us in the poorhouse.  I'm going to keep an eye on him for a few days and see if he gets over it.  He'd better, is all I'm saying. 

Also, I bought a turkey on Saturday because even though I ate a lot, a prodigious amount of turkey, it wasn't quite enough, and we had Thanksgiving Second Generation last night.  Baked potatoes instead of mashed, leftover gut dressing from my mom (we threw it out), and I made an apple pie.  I cooked the turkey from frozen and it worked like a charm.  I threw some salt and garlic in the cavity once it had been cooking for a few hours, and it was all flavorful and tender and juicy.  So much easier. 


g. lo said...

Aren't Cape buffalo the ones that will wait under a tree for days to kill the person who climbed it trying to escape? They can hold a grudge like nobody's business. I am going to steal your brilliant pie carrier idea

beckster said...

What is your method for cooking a turkey from frozen? I've never tried that.