Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Well, we spent the weekend with a severe case of "Dumb Ways to Die" earworms, and I took the kids to Idle Isle for dinner on Saturday for restaurant therapy because John was gone again, because nothing says Christmas like your dad being somewhere else, amiright?  Stupid Christmas.  

I have decided what cookies to make for the cookie thing, and I think they are muy sabrosa. I'm not going to tell you what they are yet, because I don't want you to steal my idea.  Stop stealing my ideas, you guys! 

I also have all my pie decisions made.  There were some strong contenders in the testing pool--including a surprisingly robust showing by dark horse Apple Cider Cream Pie (I expected the children to hate it, but Grant was a huge fan--he placed it above the Butterscotch Meringue)--but alas, I cannot make all of the pies I sampled.  I am very careful about messing with Thanksgiving traditions, so there weren't really very many open slots for new pies.  Here is the Thanksgiving 2012 set list:

1.  apple
double crust, 1/3 tart, 2/3 sweet

2.  Pumpkin
the Herd way, with filling and crust baked separately

3.  Banana Cream
Sue Watanabe filling, 1/2 of a banana pureed and blended in, bananas sliced onto the bottom of the crust, because banana cream purists require that bite of banana

4.  Chocolate Chess
I was thinking there was no way this would win me over, because I am so in love with Chess Classic, but then my children hoovered the sample up like it was going out of style, even Emmett, who hates pie (is obv. a communist), and I realized that this could simultaneously fill both the chess and chocolate cream categories.

5.  Lemon Meringue
I think I use a different recipe for this every time, but I think I'm going to use the Joy of Cooking recipe.

6.  Rhubarb
I want another fruit pie, and another double crust pie, and rhubarb is the business.

The new pies that didn't make it on the list were all good enough that they can be made again, but not for Thanksgiving quite yet.  I'll put them on the farm team for a while, and if they show their mettle they'll be drafted to the big leagues.  I feel bad about the lack of a plain Chess pie, but it's just the way it has to be.

If anybody was wondering, I am still incensed about Pyrex's redesign of their liquid measuring cups.  I started hoarding the old style as soon as I saw the monstrosity they had wrought. 


tipsybaker said...

Why can't you make 7 pies?
That lineup looks fantastic. The pie decision-making is by far my favorite part of Thanksgiving. I like it much better than the serving of the pies. I think it goes like this:
1. deciding on pies
2. eating leftover pie straight from the pan the next day.
3. (distant third) serving the pies on Thanksgiving night

g. lo said...

So happy the cider pie was a contender! I deferred to my MIL and her spectacular apple pie this year. We are having pumpkin cheesecake because it has a ginger snap crust :). Dumb ways to die went positively viral at our house thanks for sharing!

beckster said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I agree with Jennifer, I like deciding on the pies and eating the leftovers much more than serving the pies on Thanksgiving. The leftovers seem like a gift to me for working so hard. Have a great day!