Friday, November 9, 2012

teach me some melodious sonnet

Cookies I have attempted: 

1.  Chocolate Meringues
These would have been better if I had continued beating them, and if they had been vanilla instead of chocolate.

2.  Gingerbread Palmiers
These were messy and irritating.  The ones on which the molasses syrup did not burn were good.

Today I'm going to try a spiced pumpkin sandwich cookie.  It's supposed to be a carrot cake sandwich cookie, but I don't like peeling carrots and Emmett is at school.  I worry about this sort of thing.  I like Christmas cookies to make me think of Christmas, but there comes a time when you're like, "The next person who brings me a spiced pumpkin anything is going to be fed to the crows."  There must needs be moderation in all things.  I don't even know why I'm making these cookies; I hate cakey cookies.  Those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are so rarely what I want, and even then only if there are no other choices.  Except maybe snickerdoodles--ooh, death is not an option:  snickerdoodles or pumpkin chocolate chip?  I might just go without. 

I bought a book of Grimm's fairy tales from Costco the other day, and we are really enjoying it.  I think fairy tales are so instructive, and such a good conversation starter.  Fairy tale people are crazy!

It's time for me to start deciding on pies for Thanksgiving.  Plus I still owe Bart (the guy who takes care of our tiny field even though it's a huge pain in his butt) a banana cream and Jake (a boy in our ward who bought a pie at the trek auction) an apple.  I'm for sure going to try a chocolate chess pie, and maybe a regular chess pie, because that was a transcendent experience for me.  Suggestions? 


All8 said...

I have a really good (IMO) Ginger Chew cookie that is pretty easy and people seem to really like. Or there is the Chocolate Creme de Menthe cookies, those are good too and I get requests for them. I'll send the recipes on if you'd like.

Layne said...

yes, please

beckster said...

I love chess pie, but not so much chocolate chess pie. Maybe I just haven't had the right chocolate chess pie. Have you ever had chocolate pecan pie? That's good, too, but I still prefer the plain. I think I might be a purist. I also prefer plain cheesecake. I think I am going to make a cheesecake and a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I am with you on the cookies. I don't like cakey cookies either, except snickerdoodles and tea cakes/jam sandwiches. Oh, you've make me hungry!

Unknown said...

we made apple cider pie for thanksgiving last year and it was hugely successful.... I will make every year.