Tuesday, November 27, 2012

they look like such big, strong hands

I should already be going to bed right now--twenty minutes ago, in fact, but I am so tired and glum that I can't quite get up off the couch quite yet.  I cleaned the office today, which means rather than organize I just threw a whole bunch of stuff away.  Organizing is so hard, you guys, and a goodly portion of it belongs in the category I will refer to as John's Hoarded Garbage.  Ugh, Willa is so much his daughter.  Every time I threw something away she'd come running in at the sound of the thunk against the can, all, "What was that?  Can I have it?", and I'm like, "It's the purse I had ten years ago that got a bottle of lotion spilled in it, no, you can't have it."  Hoarders all.  There was a sound board that we have lugged around with us through multiple moves, a sound board I don't think I've ever seen in use, and John's telling me we shouldn't throw it away "because it still works."  Do you know what "still works" means in John-ese?  Let me tell you.  It means if someone opened it up and soldered the broken slider, THEN IT WOULD WORK.  He actually said that to me.  I told him I refused to let him get sick enough that throwing his precious away would cause a mental break, so I was just going to put it in the garbage BECAUSE IT IS GARBAGE.  He is a wonderful man, but I've got to stay right on him, or we'll be those people with trails through the mountains of garbage in their house.  It's not like I'm a great housekeeper, so we're on a pretty slippery slope as it is.  That's why John and I are so great for each other.  He sentimentally hoards and I gleefully discard; I am a lazy pig and he keeps our house from falling into total disarray, while cleaning the kitchen sink to operating theater standards. 

In other news, I have lost my passport.  I haven't told the government yet, because I'm still hoping I'll find it somewhere in this black hole of a house that devours passports and shoes and nylons and chef's knives and children's coats.  That's part of the reason I cleaned the office today, because maybe the office ate it.  But no luck.  I'll give myself one more week to find it, then I guess I'll have to apply for a new one.  It really is stressful being a scatterbrain.

Do you feel like the Arabian Nights stories are as vital to a well-stocked library as Grimm's Fairy Tales?  I will hear arguments for and against. 

Do you keep a lid on your butter?  I have to, because otherwise it starts tasting like the spice cupboard.  I had one of these glass butter dishes for a while: 
but then it broke, and then its replacement broke almost immediately.  So then I was keeping the butter in a Fiesta sugar bowl that looks like this:
Product Details
only in persimmon, and the handle, which had already broken a long time ago, came apart again, and also the lid started to get mold on it, even though I washed it every time I mashed a new stick of butter in it.  My life is indeed a sea of hardship and woe.  Yesterday I bought this butter dish:

I  think it will work better than the sugar bowl because the butter won't be touching any unglazed portion of the piece.  We'll see.  It's in a new color, which I like.  I like that Fiestaware.  I get irresponsible around it. 


beckster said...

I forgot to tell you that I thought your steamer basket pie carrier idea was ingenious, just ingenious! Yes, it is stressful being messy, but I am old, and the increased stress has not made me change my ways, so maybe it is hardwired. Isn't that a great rationale? My husband is also a hoarder, and I am also a discarder. It does work out well except for the friction of differing world views! I feel so much lighter after I clean out a closet! I use a butter bell for my butter, and it works great. Look it up if you don't know what it is. It would take too much space to explain. I do have to stop using it during the extremely hot months during the summer because it will sometimes mold, but if you change the water about once a week, that is the only time I have problems.

All8 said...

We use the glass one that you first showed, only we use the top and put 2 sticks of butter in at a time. Actually we have two. When one has been emptied (usually more than once) it goes in the dishwasher and the other one is filled. The flat glass goes on top. Ambrose wanted to use one of them for butter and the other for cream cheese, but the cheese began to mold if not used within a day or two, so I just use them for butter.

My in-laws use the butter dish with water, I'm assuming it's the aforementioned butter bell. It works well here. No mold, but then we don't have butter around long enough to mold. Good luck.

(Probably shouldn't tell you this but, there's a Fiesta ware outlet by my in-laws. 2nds, I think.)

Layne said...

I've seen those butter bells, and they look like a good idea. But the Fiestaware is just too tempting!

And Beckster, I just followed the directions on this website for my turkey.
It was nice that we could eat it the next day, but sort of a hassle trying to get out the bag of giblets once it had been cooking and the outside was hot. I will do it again, though. I salted it all over as well as inside the cavity at the same time I took out the giblets and neck, and threw the head of garlic in at the same time. Pretty darn good.

tipsybaker said...

John's hoarding sounds a lot like the way my own husband hoards. There are whole boxes of wires and pieces of phones and cables to long defunct computers that he won't let me throw away. Owen is our Willa. He goes through our recycling and trash to be sure I haven't tossed anything valuable, like a shoe box. I know what you mean about cleaning vs. organizing. I go in to organize and just end up throwing stuff away. The distressing stacks remain, just a tiny bit shorter for a week or two. What is the psychological block that keeps me from putting things in folders and putting the folders in a filing cabinet?

g. lo said...

when my husband's maternal grandmother died my MIL and I went through her stuff and threw away things like old wigs, 20 year old bottles of jug wine and we had to do this surreptitiously because my FIL inherited the hoarder gene. Being in the military and married to me (the disposer) has ensured the gene is not expressed to a large degree in my husband. Interesting that the husband/wife dynamic is the same in many of the responses to this blog...

beckster said...

Thanks for the turkey instructions, Layne. I will have to try this as my turkey cooking is very hit and miss. Have you looked at the very colorful butter bells at the butter bell store? Very Fiestaware looking, but I understand. I have Fiestaware, too.