Monday, November 5, 2012

volare, whoa-oh-oh-oh

I broke it to the kids today that CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED.  Weep, wail, gnash teeth!  Not really.  I just told them that we're doing a trip instead of presents for Christmas because we're saving up for a new car.  We'll do a book and a small present, and then head off for our free week in sunny Park City or something like that.  We did this a couple of years ago and loved it, and since John and I don't want our kids to grow up to be greedy S.O.B.s we have typically been pretty restrained in our gift-buying, so the kids are happy with either option.  We have got to get a new car.  Charlie Tuna is just getting too squishy for poor little Ike.  Oh, Li'l Brudder!  He's almost as tall as Emmett, probably outweighs him (I think his bones are made of iron), and I think maybe part of the reason he's so FREAKING HATEFUL in the car is because he is miserable, and seeks that all men might be miserable like unto him.  Maybe he just needs more leg room. 

Haircut on Friday.  I'm sick of the standard bob and am probably going to get a shag-type thing.  I will most likely regret it, but Catherine is wise and will lead me back onto the straight and narrow if I ask for something terribly unsuitable.

My novel was just under 3000 pages, but then I hit a wall and realized that I could not possibly finish it in first person.  So I have gone back to the beginning and am doing third person, and am up to 500 words, which is not even a full page!  Brava, me. You guys, I am so embarrassed about this book.  I hate even talking about it.  My mom asked me what it was about and my face reddened.  So far my mom and John are the only people to whom I've confessed my subject matter, and neither of them seems very impressed, if that tells you anything.  They both half-raised their eyebrows and said something like "Oh, interesting" in that voice that means "Oh, dumb."  And it is!  IT IS SO DUMB.

Are you so excited for Election Day?  I am!  I love it.  I love wearing that little red "I Voted" sticker the entire day.  I have my voter info pamphlet all rolled up in my purse, with my candidates circled in orange Sharpie.  And no matter who wins tomorrow, we can be thankful that all of the problems will soon be fixed.  I'm sure of it. 

It does not seem possible to me that it's 69 degrees in my house.  It feels more like 60.  Oh, I feel so bad for all those people without heat.  Just hearing about it makes me feel panicky.  Being the pessimist that I am, I could never be comfortable thinking that someone was going to come along and help me in a disaster.  What I'm always thinking is that a disaster is all it would take for society to completely unravel and turn into tribes of vicious brutes.  I'm a day person!