Friday, November 2, 2012

with a subway token and a dollar tucked inside my shoe

I'm doing NaNoWriMo for the first time.  I'm excited about what I've got so far.  Don't get me wrong, it's way stupid.  But I have an extremely vociferous inner critic, and this writing exercise is to help me learn to push through the embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy.  Shut up, Inner Layne.  You don't know my life. 

I just went out and picked some beets and Swiss chard, and I don't know if you've looked at the calendar recently, but if you did, you'd see that it's November.  I guess I must be the best gardener of all time.  I can't find the garlic, though.  Do you think the chickens would have dug it all up and eaten it, or is it just dissolved?  Who can say?  These are the little mysteries that give variety to my rural existence.  I ate a Honeycrisp apple the other day and it was not exactly terrible, but it was one of the least enjoyable apples I've had in a while.  What's going on?  I thought that Honeycrisp apples were supposed to be the hot new sexy thang.  Pfft.  It tasted like a Granny Smith, all spongy and one-note sour.  Thank goodness our Honeycrisp tree died.  I just hope the Cameo doesn't end up the same way.  I've always really liked the Cameos I get from the store, though, and if an apple tastes good in such less-than-optimal conditions as the grocery store, it's probably a safe bet. 

Next Halloween I'm going to buy Nerds and Junior Mints--they were woefully underrepresented in the candy haul this year.  Willa got over a hundred pieces of candy, and most of them were Kit-Kats.  I used to like Kit-Kats a lot more than I do now.  What has changed?  Maybe I just eat better chocolate nowadays.  A Toffee Crisp is better, isn't it?  Foreign candies taste better and have better names, we all know it's true.  I guess America is good at other things.  Sigh. 


tipsybaker said...

I want to hear all about your writing experience. Yay! Have you read Stephen King's book about writing? Excellent.
Owen hid his candy from me and I went to look for it today and it was under his bed. What did I do wrong? Under the BED? Pathetic.

beckster said...

You raise an excellent question. Why is candy from Europe so much better than American candy? Are we just candy snobs? I, too, have been sorely disappointed in the popular apple varieties. I get my best apples from local orchards, no matter what kind they are. I think you are very brave for participating in NaNoWriMo. Good luck!