Thursday, December 20, 2012

a quick word about another person I hate

Would you like to know about my newest blood feud?  Okay.  It's with the librarian at Grant's school.  She is the worst!  I've heard stories about how much the teachers and students hate to go into the school library (which seems like a great thing, definitely the vibe you want at a school), but I had forgotten them, and then yesterday I met her and had a run-in that has caused me to feel angry and spiteful, so spiteful that I would not be sorry if she were fired.  It's quite serious.  She thinks that she can control who reads the books that people check out from her library!  How ridiculous!  And it's not her library anyway, I might venture to add.  Are not public school libraries taxpayer-funded?  I might have to sue.  She was so mean to Grant and Emmett (and to me, but that's not as big of a deal).  I don't like adults bullying children and maybe tonight I will wish on a star that blackbirds will come peck out her eyes.  I know that blackbirds typically peck noses, not eyes, but it's my wish and I'll do with it what I like. 


beckster said...

I volunteer at the public library, so I know just what you mean! I love the library, I wish everyone came to the library. Reading, what a wonderful gift to give to anyone! What on earth is her problem? On the flip side, if it makes you feel any better (and it probably won't), she must be the most miserable person in the whole world,(hyperbole, I know)to make being a librarian in to a such a hateful occupation.