Monday, December 31, 2012

he's a man, he's got a man cold

I have finally been stricken with the gomboo that has been circulating.  I was beginning to feel very prideful about my resistance, so I guess my defeat is supposed to humble me.  But it shan't.  I am suffering a less intense version of it, so I am still the healthiest bear in the forest and my record is unsullied.  You do get to a point when you're so delirious that your nose running onto your sleeve is annoying and disgusting, but not so annoying and disgusting that you can get out of bed to wipe your nose. 

I saw a video the other day of a skit where two girls (one real girl, one guy in drag) were pretending to be event planners, and they were really inept, and it made me laugh, and now I can't find it again.  Stupid internet rabbit hole with its non-reproducible results. 

How was Christmas?  Ours was great, and thank goodness we went light on the presents for the kids, because their grandparents were very generous/undisciplined this year.  There is so much Lego.  I got Willa the cutest doll you have ever seen--this one--and she loves her immensely.  I don't know why those dolls are so expensive now, but if they keep this up I won't be able to buy a full set of them--for Willa, not for me.  They are all so cute I can't stand it! 

I took care of my parents' cat while they were gone, and I don't think it's dead yet because the food is always gone when I go check on things.  She is an elusive cat. 

I think I'm going to make gougeres for our party tonight.  Joy of Cooking says I can bake them instead of fry them, so we'll try it.  I know I don't want to be stuck over a pot of boiling oil while everybody else is enjoying themselves. 


beckster said...

Consuelo is the cutest thing! Are you letting your daughter play with her at all? It would be difficult to give her up. Glad you had a great Christmas, sorry you have been sick. Hope you and yours have a wonderful new year. Thanks again for all the posts. I appreciate each and every one even if you do make me visit the Twilight Zone before I can leave a comment.

tipsybaker said...

Happy New Year!
I have only had baked gougeres -- never even heard of fried, but they would be delicious I'm sure.

Layne said...

Beckster--thank you! And the "prove you're not a robot" feature is brutal. I can't tell what the crap they're trying to get me to say. There are four lights! (Star Trek reference)

Tipsy--I should have made your cheezit crackers instead.