Wednesday, December 19, 2012

like the lazy ocean hugs the shore

I got a hankering for ham last night, so we bought a ham from our friends at Premium Meat (the best!) and cooked it up.  You know how sometimes you just need ham?  I am very fond of ham, and I like that it keeps on giving after the first meal.  So generous.  I usually make bean soup with it, but I think I might do red beans and rice with it this time.  I am not good at making red beans and rice, and I have no Cajun background, sorry about that.  I think maybe authentic red beans and rice is supposed to be made with ham hocks, but I bet a ham would not be so out of place as to cause the universe to tear.  Are trotters the same as ham hocks?  I think trotters are the actual feet, hooves and all, and I think hocks have the hoof part cut off and leave a bit more to the imagination.  My "Odd Bits" book seems to concur.  I think what it's telling me is that shanks and hocks are similar terms, as are pig feet and trotters. Now you know. 

I am so excited about Christmas.  Even though we're going much more low-key on presents this year, I think the ones we've got are dynamite (adjective, not noun).  That's part of the reason I like our vacation years--when you only get one or two presents it's easy to knock it out of the park, which is what Christmas is about, after all:  excellent presents.  Would you like to eat a Christmas goose?  I would like to try one.  I don't think I've ever eaten goose.  According to some guy that was on Radio West the other day, Charles Dickens basically killed the goose industry with his turkey-buying scene in A Christmas Carol.  Boy, Dickens is just the worst.  How does he sleep at night, knowing he's responsible for impoverishing countless honest goose farmers?  What happens to all the goose meat from the geese they make down comforters out of?  Does it go into dog food?  Makeup?  There are so many questions.  


All8 said...

I've always wanted to try roast goose too. No idea on how to cook it other than like a turkey but they're different and could Dickens really have destroyed their market or is there more to the story? I don't know. I do know it's easier to keep geese alive than turkeys because most turkeys raised now days are kinda dumb, not wily and wicked like the wild turkeys Ben was fond enough of to consider them as a national symbol.