Monday, December 3, 2012

this morning I woke up with this feeling

Some things:

1.  We had a white elephant gift exchange last night at a family party, and the end result is that now Willa has her very first Barbie dolls:  Beach Glam Steven and Rosie O'Donnell.  I am so pleased about this.  John said of the Rosie doll, "You're not going to try to sell it on ebay?"  (It was new in the box, mint condition, y'all.)  But I said, "It's a fully clothed Barbie with a realistic figure.  Why would I not take advantage of that?"  Beach Glam Steven has been re-christened Nate, because he looks like Travis's friend Nate.

2.  The other day I ironed the ribbon bookmark in my Book of Mormon, and you would not believe how it has improved my mood.  I cannot abide a messy ribbon bookmark!  There's one in our new Grimm book, and believe me, I am watching it like a hawk

3.  Groceries is fully healed and is again the sleek, ponderous cat which once he used to be.

4.  I guess we are going to buy our Christmas tree this year.  The thought of packing up and driving in the mud out to the rear end of nowhere to cut down our tree when my parents aren't even going to be around is distasteful to me.  My sister Aleece already made the plunge and found a tree on which the ornaments can hang unimpeded, which helped me make my decision.  I refuse to buy one of those perfect cone trees that are so full you have to sort of mash the ornaments into the branches. 

5.  Our rabbits are the crappiest.  One of them died on Saturday, and seems to have been attacked by the others.  Hopefully that leaves two of the same gender in that cage, and we won't have any more dead pink rabbit babies.  Probably not.  Probably there were two males attacking each other over a female, and now we'll have even more dead pink rabbit babies.  I regret getting the rabbits.  But Ike claims to love them, and he does take fairly good care of them. 

6.  Do you have any great book recommendations for these ages and genders:
Boy, 12-14
Boy, 10-12
Boy, 8-10
Girl, 5-7
I'd like to get them something they'll love and want to read more than once.  If you have a recommendation for Man, 40-45 as well, that would be neat.

7.  I found my passport!  I have been just sick about it, and I had a lengthy nightmare about it the other night, in which I turned my house upside down in my search, and I found a whole bunch of passports belonging to other people, including John's mom and our friend Richard, but I did not find my own.  But later that day I thought I'd better check my jewelry box to make sure the local thief hadn't taken any of my valuable jewelry (of which I have none), and there was my passport in my jewelry box.  What a relief.  Now I am going to see a platypus for sure, and hopefully pet one if I can find one that is kept by a crazy person. 


g. lo said...

Have your kids read "The Mysterious Benedict Society" books? They were enjoyable for me too. Glad you found that passport! I just sent mine to get a new one. That's always nerve wracking to drop it in the mail.

Nate said...

When we sent to Taronga Zoo here in Sydney, a man was showing us a platapus and telling us about a zookeeper who was trying to pick up one and was grazed on his arm by one of their sharp webbed feet. Anyway, I guess this guy's arm swelled up for like a month and the pain was pretty intense. Having said that, I'm sure there is still a crazy person out there who has one as a pet and who will let you pet it. I'll see if I can find that person and set something up for you :)

Jenny said...

Landon has loved the Heroes of Olympus (Rick Riordian)series and Sandi just introduced Daniel to the 39 Clues series, which he has really enjoyed. And that is saying something because Daniel doesn't usually like to read on his own! Willa might like Junie B. Jones books, uless the grammar drives you totally insane, but I think its kindof cute! BTW- I love my little paper house you made me....I put it out every Christmas and it makes me happy!

Layne said...

Ginny--those Benedict books sound perfect for him! I bought the first one.

Nate/Claire--that was prob. a male platypus, as the internet has told me that the males have venomous spurs on their hind feet. I would be okay with holding a female platypus of consenting age, but a male will suffice. I will wear falconry gloves.

Jenny--Grant loves Rick Riordan too, and I got him "The Lost Hero." I hope he doesn't read this comment. I want to make more of those paper houses.