Sunday, December 23, 2012

where you go I go

I don't have much of substance to contribute to the discussion about gun policy.  I come from a family of gun nuts, and although I do not share their zeal, I do know that there are legitimate, non-nefarious reasons why a person would want and should be able to own guns.  To tar all gun people with the brush of crazed, bloodthirsty murderers-in-waiting is inaccurate and unfair.  However:  I was flabbergasted that the "meaningful contribution" the NRA brought to the table was a proposal to put armed policemen at schools and keep a database of the mentally ill.  Surely, surely I'm not the only person who found that ridiculous, with a side of terrifying potential for abuse.  Holy crap NRA, talk about misreading your audience.  They're gross.  Why do gross people insist on ruining it for everybody else, at all times, and in all things, and in all places? 

I had kouign-amann for the first time yesterday--I have only recently heard about it, and then it was at two different pastry shops that John and I visited, and I guess somebody's probably trying to make it be the new cupcake.  But I don't mind that--I am so irritated by pastry shops that have a bunch of pedestrian crap that I can just make myself, and do a better job of it anyway.  I can make cupcakes.  I can't--or at least I'm probably not going to with any regularity--make kouign-amann.  So bravo, pastry shops.  Way to understand your market.

We finally saw Skyfall on Friday night and I loved it so so much.  How much do you want to talk about it and how awesome it was, and how Daniel Craig is the best Bond since Connery, and about how Timothy Dalton got a raw deal, and how it's nice to have a real, no-fooling Bond villain, with stars in his eyes and outsized dreams and aspirations?  Javier Bardem really classes up the joint. 


All8 said...

I liked Skyfall too, but it hurt me to see them blow up that house. And Voldemort as M?! What is the world coming to?

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Layne said...

Ha! I was the same way. How could he have always hated that gorgeous house? And as soon as Ralph Fiennes walked onscreen I turned to John and whispered, "I bet he's going to be evil."

Merry Christmas to you!

beckster said...

I am in the camp of gun control, but it doesn't mean I want to ban guns. It seems illogical to allow civilians to own military weapons that can cause that much death and destruction, and I don't understand why people are threatened by that. Maybe they all took Red Dawn to heart? I cannot relate to in any way.
Thanks for a year of entertaining, stimulating, and unusual posts! Happy Holidays!