Tuesday, January 15, 2013

hey, what's this in the weeds

Hazel and Sally are away on their romantic getaway with some buck whose name I think is Cheviot, and a fancy, expensive buck named Gecko.  Sally gets the expensive guy because her conformation is better than Hazel's.  If my calculations are correct they were just coming out of estrus and needed to be taken up a week earlier, but news flash:  I suck at my job. 

There are so many ugly leather couches in the world.  Why do people keep buying new versions of them?  Can't they see how many there are in the classifieds, being unloaded by their owners who have realized to their horror that they have terrible taste? 

If I didn't have access to a fire in the winter I think I would become so depressed I would kill myself.  I really do.  On the bright side, maybe it's finally cold enough to kill the pine borer beetles in the Uintah mountains.  I hear it only has to get to -50.  

Have you ever eaten pink beans?  I think you ought to try them.  They are very good in a ham-and-bean type of application.