Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I wasn't looking, but somehow you found me

What is this?  Just an ordinary couch.  Nothing special.


It is my couch.  My laundry couch.  This is where the laundry baskets live whenever we don't have company.  When we do have company the laundry baskets live on my bed.  It's not the best arrangement, but it beats the heck out of folding laundry until my hands fall off.  And those of you with advice about how if I just do it as it dries then it never becomes an insurmountable pile, you guys can shut up.  I am a free spirit, and I refuse to be constrained by your squarish concept of industry and propriety.

But back to the couch.  You may notice that there are no laundry baskets on it in the picture.  That, ladies and germs, is because I folded all the clothes this afternoon, and put the socks and underwear in the socks and underwear baskets.  I threw away a whole bunch of socks as well, filled a couple of bags for the D.I., and generally made some very good progress.  I was hoping to get some insight into a personnel problem I'm experiencing, and decided folding laundry would be a good way to put my mind into a receptive state.  But then I watched "The Spy Who Loved Me" and unfortunately received no wisdom.  I did get annoyed with the way the movie couldn't decide if Barbara Bach was a hardcore professional spy or a weak-minded female who needed James Bond's protection.  She was a bit inconsistent as a character.  I wonder if saxophonists get tired of playing the seduction riff on movie soundtracks.  At the end of the movie the Marine Corps band or something starts singing a Broadway-ish version of "Nobody Does it Better," and Grant queried in disgust, "There's singing in James Bond?"

I bet my bees are dead.

And a last item, a sad item:  Traci has passed away.  I think the combination of cold and age were too much for her.  I don't know if she missed Hazel and Sally, or just their warmth, but she fell asleep the other night and didn't wake up.  So the last one of our original goats is gone.  She was a good goat, despite her terrible udder and weird lumps.  She kept everybody in line, and I'm sure she's the reason our herd is so quiet and mellow.  I will miss her.


beckster said...

I have a laundry chair; it's a big chair! Why do you think your bees are dead? You must explain. Remember some of us are bee-keeping vicariously through you. Sorry about Traci. Sadly mortality is still 100% for all of us.

All8 said...

I love your couch and if it makes you feel any better, there's still a pile of laundry on our loveseat....unfolded. I should get to that today, or tomorrow, or whatev's.

Traci and her cysty/baggy stories will be missed. Isn't amazing the effect one animal can have on the whole herd?!