Wednesday, January 16, 2013

oh, it's being hit on the head lessons in here

I am very excited for this year's goat kids.  Both of the bucks are blue roans, so maybe we'll get a Bobcat-looking one.  Oh, Bobcat was such a gentlemanly fellow.  I am so pleased that we still have his line in our herd--he is Hazel's grandpa.  I hope we get some nice long legs and ears this year, and better temperament.  Our nicest kids last year were all bucks (OH TEX I MISS YOU not really I have moved on), and the one girl whose name I must admit I don't remember right now was a pill. 

I told the mayor I want to be on Planning and Zoning--he seemed happy that I was interested, I guess because everybody they've asked has said no, because they don't enjoy the repercussions of unpopular decisions.  I am okay if people hate me--I figure, I hate them, why shouldn't they hate me back?  But I think my views are pretty closely aligned with the other residents of our town--except for the ones who want to sell all the farmland and turn it into tiny-lotted subdivisions.  Them I don't agree with.  What are we supposed to eat when all the farmland has been turned into stucco monstrosities?

I have about eight pairs of shoes sitting on top of the buffet waiting to be returned.  I've been trying to find some sandals to wear with a new dress, and I have almost given up hope.  The ones I like the best are unfortunately on a platform that narrows  at the bottom, making them incredibly unstable.  Boo.  I put on another pair yesterday, and said, "Emmett, check these out."  He looked balefully at them and said, "Those are so ugly."  Boys.  So dumb about shoes.  Maybe I will find some in Australia! 

I saw this and had one of those ironically amused/quietly enraged reactions.  There is a lot of food for discussion here.