Friday, January 11, 2013

that's just how it's got to be

During my trip to Australia I am also going to Tasmania, and the place where we're staying has resident platypuses.  DID YOU READ THAT?  Resident platypuses.  I can't even speak.  Don't worry, "platypuses" is an accepted plural.  As is "octopuses," in case you were wondering. 

Yesterday it was very snowy and the roads were terrible, and a young man wrecked his car into one of the telephone poles in front of our field and drove his car into the ditch.  He was unharmed, but his car was a mess.  It was very exciting for my children to watch the action with the police and the tow truck.  We don't get too much excitement out here, apart from that meth-head or group of meth-heads who are going around stealing everybody's stuff and camping out in empty houses, starting fires and leaving garbage and drug paraphernalia and blood all over the place.  So, not too much of a big boy. 

I think I'm going to read a book about Dolly Parton.  She is very interesting to me.  I started reading a biography of Patsy Cline when I was young and it was so depressing I had to stop.  Now that I'm older and better acquainted with how horrible the world is I could probably get through it. I don't think Dolly's story is nearly so dark, crossing fingers.


Tori said...

Ooooh. I made it my goal to read at least 12 biographies or memoirs this year, so knowing that there is a Dolly Parton one about to be vetted for me is good news.