Wednesday, January 2, 2013

thoughts on january 2, 2013

Peeling oranges seems so onerous after peeling clementines.  To look upon peeling an orange as a chore, that's cute, right?  Not dripping with an attitude of privilege?  Just checking. 

I loved the Christmas break, but being all by myself in the house this morning was not too shabby either.  It was so quiet. 

I have not made any concrete goals for this year.  I tend to chafe at the restraints of a goal as soon as I set it, and in the end it does more harm than good.  And since if you're not progressing you're regressing, by this time next year you can expect me to be ten pounds heavier, 15% more sedentary, and have embezzled funds from three major charities. 

Our plumber is also a skilled upholsterer, and I would love him to fix my parlor couch and the two upholstered chairs I keep underneath the dining room window.  They're all a very feminine shape, and I think it would be fun to see them in a deep walnut-brown leather.  Contrast!  It's what makes the world go 'round, next to love of course.  

Groceries has chased marbles around the living room for the last two nights, and we think he's trying to get down to his fighting weight because there is a mouse in our house.  It got away from him the other night, and I think it wounded his pride.  Now he's grabbing stuff out of the marble maze box and just leaving it all over the rug.  Cats are jerks.