Friday, January 18, 2013

under the shade of a coolibah tree

Lots of times when I read Lucky or similar, anything that talks about what various pieces of a celebrity's (or "public figure," as Jodie Foster would more tastefully put it) outfit cost, I feel a little bit nauseated and think "How can they spend that much money on clothes?"  It makes me feel morally superior, because I can't imagine being able to sleep at night knowing that the food bank has empty shelves while I go out clubbing in my thousand-dollar pants.  But if I look down into my heart of hearts, I know that if I had the funding, I would find a way to dispose of it pretty quickly and pretty selfishly.  So many shoes and purses and foodstuffs.  I have eaten almost all of the mukhwas that Tipsy brought me from India, and I can assure you that I could drop a cool hundred on that stuff tomorrow.  It is the best I have ever had, so soft and chewy and flavorful, with little nonpareils in it, and you know I am a sucker for nonpareils.  So we learn that I am not better than other people.  

I hope we finally get to see The Hobbit this weekend.  Both Grant and Emmett have read the book in preparation, but we've been so busy that we haven't had a chance to see it yet.  I will probably need a Stadium Pal for it--excuse me, I mean a Stadium Gal.  Three hours!  So self-indulgent.  

Have we decided, as Americans, that we don't hate Gwyneth Paltrow as much as we used to?  I don't, but I think it's just because I don't hear about her as much as I used to.  

We are having short ribs for dinner, and I am looking forward to it immensely.  


Jenny said...

I wouldn't spend obscene amounts of money on clothes, but I'd sure spend A LOT more than I do now. Then I'd give it all to the DI when I got sick of it,so people like me could shop there and feel super awesome about it!

Amy said...

I just realized a comment I tried to leave on an earlier post didn't publish-I have to know if you are really going to Australia!? Because that would be so cool.

Tori said...

Re: Gwyneth - I think it's just that Anne Hathaway's taken some of the heat off her.

beckster said...

Did Tipsy's mukwahs have a brand name? Just curious as to whether or not I could find some. How do you cook your short ribs? My husband likes short ribs, but I have never had a lot of luck cooking them, or maybe I don't like them that much! I would never spend that kind of money on clothes. I really would like to have enough money to start a foundation; that's my dream.

All8 said...

I always thought that most of their clothes were donated to them to increase sales for whomever gave them to the said celebrity.

If I had lots of money to spend on clothes, I'd start with great, handmade bras. Something that fits me, exactly. Of course I'd feel self-righteous about it because I would be supporting a very small, cottage industry. Then no matter whatever I wore it would hang great and make me look good. I may also buy stock in Spanx.

How are your plans for Australia coming?

Layne said...

Amy--yes, I am going to Australia!


Beckster--it had a label which I stupidly threw away when I decanted it into a half-pint jar. I braise my short ribs, sort of like a pot roast. You are more virtuous than I am.

All8--I think I am ready to take on Australia. I just need to stay there for a few months and I'll be able to fit in all the things I want to do.