Thursday, January 3, 2013

what is it with libraries?

You will not believe the injustice.  I went to return/renew some books yesterday, and the librarian told me she couldn't renew World War Z:  An Oral History of the Zombie War because there was a hold on it, and it's due next Tuesday.  What the crap?  I had a hold on World War Z for FOUR MONTHS, and only just barely got it right before Christmas, because the last jerkface who had it hoarded it.  I'm super T.O.ed. 

Why do the libraries seek my downfall? 


Eric said...

That is the most awesome book.

All8 said...

It's a subversive plot by Amazon and Ebay to make you buy books.

beckster said...

I had the same problem. Maybe I should learn not to get books from the library during the holidays. I really don't have much time to read then. I know, I know, you had to take it when it became available. I have stopped putting holds on newer books. They never let me keep them long enough. Of course it would help if I did not check out 8 at a time. I am too ambitious. You haven't done any book reviews lately. Have you given it up?