Thursday, February 14, 2013

but you can dip your feet in every once in a little while

So, this is not in chronological order, but it's important for you to understand that Claire and Elaine and I are master woodsmen.  While we waited for our restaurant in Deloraine to open for dinner service (because Tasmania shuts down between lunch and dinner, and everything closes around nine or so at night--it's a strange but not altogether upsetting experience) we went down to the riverbank.  Elaine was writing postcards, I was lying in the sun working on getting another sunburn. and Claire was hunting for platypuses.  Suddenly she came bounding up, saying, "You guys!  I found one!"  Here is the platypus we saw:

And then he swam away to the other bank and rolled around in the shallows and scratched his belly and I almost died. I have video footage, but the resolution is really terrible once uploaded to Blogger.  I will see if I can put it on Youtube and get it better that way.


highdeekay said...

your life is complete!

beckster said...

You're back! Tell us everything! And, start at the beginning. How did this trip come about? All of a sudden, you were gone across the world. Tell all, and we will be jealous and envious and covet your trip!