Friday, February 22, 2013

day 3 of my australia trip

Yesterday we went to church. Their chapel is about half the size of one in the U.S.--at least the heavily Mormon areas of the U.S.--and all their classrooms open onto a landscaped inner courtyard, where recently they had a Christmas party and rumor has it that the one of the attendees was upset about how the lighting was done. Said attendee did not, however, offer to help with the decorations and can therefore be ignored.  The people were very friendly, as expected, and one girl for her testimony recapped at exhaustive length the plot of the movie "The Life of Pi," which she called "Pi of Life," and compared it to one or more gospel principles, I think. It was interesting, where interesting means weird. People are weird all over the world!

When we got home we had lunch--grilled chicken and vegetables and rice and some delicious Turkish bread called pide that I bought the night before at the grocery store, which is a very fun place to explore. Grocery stores are my favorite.  Then the couple missionaries came to ask Claire and Nate to do FHE-type activities with the young single adults in their ward. They expressed their desires in a multitude of similar ways, so as to make quite sure they were understood.  The husband grew up in Australia, and had been made to take speech lessons as a child so he would not speak like an Australian, and thus is able to say "How now, brown cow?" instead of "Ha na, bran cah?"

Then we went to Balmoral beach and walked around on the sand and rocks looking at stuff. There was an area where the rocks were all pitted like the back of the Surinam toad and now I'm all sicked out thinking about it.

We found some pretty shells, none of which was a cone snail, so don't worry, I did not die. We found some pretty anemones that were a deep pink color--I didn't touch them--and a crevice in a big rock that was teeming with purple crabs looking like tiny little Garthim about the size of a hoppy taw.  Ask dad to look up what a hoppy taw is. Of course you know what Garthim are, since you love The Dark Crystal so, so much and don't think it's at all boring or weird.  

The beach was beautiful and the rocks were all swirly and had veins of one kind of rock going through another kind of softer rock, so they had eroded in really weird ways.
The picture is not a great one, but believe me, it was plenty interesting.  


beckster said...

Fascinating beach, looks surreal. I love these pictures.

All8 said...

Your series of photo's are lovely. Looks like you had a great time. Lucky duck.