Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I don't know that what he's doing can be called "acting"

I woke up this morning an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off.  At first I was pretty ripped, and I lay grumpily in bed trying to go back to sleep.  But then I resigned myself to my fate and got up and showered, and right about now, when the kids are all out of the house and I actually have some time to sit down for a minute before I have to head out to the school, I'm feeling like a freaking GENIUS, I'll tell you that much.

Let's see, what's new . . . well, both John's and my car died within a few days of each other.  I guess they couldn't imagine life apart.  It's quite romantic.  So now I have a new car, and John is looking for a new car (for "new" read "used," but they are new to us, and I decided I didn't want to call them "new to us" because that skews twee) and driving our '82 GMC pickup truck in the interim.  It's a behemoth that basically consists of levers and pulleys, so we hang on to it in case of an EMP.  It just makes sense.

I renewed my ADGA membership this morning.  Hazel and Sally are still up at the neighbors' house, though I'm sure they've long since been bred.  Hay is getting very difficult to find, because apparently everybody decided to refresh their alfalfa the same year, and it seems like half the fields that are normally in alfalfa are in wheat.  Our wheat is finally out from under the snow, so now the field is lousy with deer and guinea fowl all day long, brazenly chomping the crap out of it.  While I was in Australia somebody hit a deer in front of our house and it crawled into our driveway to die.   Sad.  They are rats with horns, but even so you don't want to see them suffer.


All8 said...

Romantically irritating. I hope you're able to find something great, quickly.

Unknown said...

I noticed your new ride. I like.

Amy said...

It has been fun reading about your outback adventure. I'm sorry to hear your cars died :-( But, let me know when you want to drive your new car out my way for some naan.