Thursday, March 7, 2013

day 5 of my australia trip

Yesterday I wanted to explore Claire's neighborhood, so that's what I did. I wandered all around and looked in all the cute stores. There is a tiny little chocolate shop that makes beautiful chocolates, which I know Elaine will also want to visit. I went to a froufy kitchen store that was a lot like Sur la Table and was sorely tempted to buy a big eight-inch Shun cook's knife that was on sale because they had sold some of the other pieces in the block. I went to a linen store and a shoe store where they had a number of Chelsea boots, but none that were quite right for my purposes. I went to a couple of bookstores and got a book about a cow dog that (spoiler alert) ends sadly. Then I went to the grocery store and wandered up and down the aisles, marveling. I bought a goodly amount of candy for the kids, much Cadbury chocolate, proper Cadbury chocolate, made by Cadbury and not outsourced to Hershey, as I have heard Cadbury is in the U.S., which explains why I can no longer eat the Cadbury creme egg.  It makes my teeth hurt.  I bought some licorice all-sorts, which I have always regarded with suspicion, because they seem like they'd be all fruity, and I don't want them to be fruity.  But they were so very, very good.  They looked like stripey little petits fours, and I ate too many of them, which wasn't bad, because I don't get sick on licorice like I do on other sweets.
Then I met up with Claire, who was coming home from the library. We went to the kebab place near the bus stop and got Doner kebabs so I could be friends with dad, who ate them all the time on his mission. Then we all had naps. When I woke up I went out wandering some more. The grocery store across the street is muy caro (that means expensive), and they have mounds and mounds of wonderful cheeses. I bought presents for almost everybody but Grant, and then we came home.  We walked home through the neighborhood, and there are a couple of crazy, huge trees that look like their roots are above the ground.  They look like Augra from The Dark Crystal (again with that movie) and they're all full of what look like and probably are funnel web spiders DANGER and there is a sign that warns of attacking magpies that will swoop down and try to peck your eyes out.

Then I tended Norah and Owen while Claire and Nate went out to dinner. Owen went to bed and Norah and I ate popcorn and watched The Lorax, which was Norah's choice.  I decided I couldn't force my worldview upon a toddler who didn't even belong to me, so I just accepted it.  If you force yourself to think of it as a movie that exists in an alternate universe from the book it is not as terrible as I feared it might be, but even so the fact that a Lorax movie exists, complete with merchandising tie-ins like orange Lorax pancakes at IHOP, is so thneedlike that it might make the universe implode. Claire and Nate had a fancy dinner and enjoyed it a lot, I think.  The restaurant is right on the beach inside an old mission-style building.  I think it's called The Bathers' Pavilion.