Tuesday, March 12, 2013

day 6 of my australia trip

We got up nice and early to go meet Elaine at the airport, and when we got there we saw that the flight had been delayed by 45 minutes, so Claire drove around with the kids while I waited for the plane. When Elaine got there we drove back to the apartment, then Elaine and I went shopping. I took her to the store where I'd bought my ivory high-heeled oxfords the day before, and she bought two very cute pairs of flats. Then we went to the kitchen store and I bought the knife I'd been eyeing. We took our purchases back to the apartment and set out for the city. Elaine and I took public transit on our own, without even Claire along to help guide us, and we CRUSHED IT. We tramped all over looking for a place to buy Grant's present, then we started for the garden and got pide along the way, which is like if a calzone had a baby with a gyro. Tasty. We walked through St. Mary's cathedral on our way to the garden, which was stunning. No pictures of that, because A: I didn't have my camera, and B: not allowed. The stained glass was gorgeous. Then we went to the botanical gardens.

They were huge and pretty, and there is a pine tree there called the Wollemi Pine that everybody thought had gone extinct millions of years ago, until some guy found one in the Blue Mountains. Oh, Australia, you crazy cat. Then we walked over to the opera house. 

I took a picture of the bathroom sink because I am into bathrooms, and this one was super cool--the water just runs off the back of the sink in such a way that it looks like it would run all over the floor, but it's an ILLUSION!

After that we started toward our bus stop, took a wrong turn, backtracked, then walked past the bus stop because we were led astray by a well-meaning but confused local, eventually got on the right bus and ruled the public transit once again. Then we came home and ate grilled sausages, and Claire made pavlova for dessert. I could eat a hundred of pavlova. We also had to open one of the candy bars and start eating it, because it was in the window and got kind of melty. Sorry, kids. Basically I walked a jillion miles today, so I guess I can do what I want.