Wednesday, March 13, 2013

day 7 of my australia trip

We went to Bondi beach, and it was a perfect, wonderful day. The sand is the color of light brown sugar, and the water is a deep teal greeny-blue, and just the right temperature--a bit chilly getting in, but as soon as you're wet it's fine. I tried boogie boarding, and caught the wave at just the right point a couple of times. I was so brave, you guys. There are sharks at Bondi, you know. A few years ago a guy got his arm bitten CLEAN OFF. I wished so much that you were there with me, even though that would probably have killed my buzz because instead of being carefree I would have spent the whole day counting. So let's go to Bondi beach sometime when you guys are old enough for me not to worry about you anymore. You would have loved bodysurfing in the waves. It was so, so great. For the first time as an adult I could understand why people are so cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs about the beach. Again--that's probably because I wasn't responsible for any small, easily drowned and eaten bodies.

We ate at a place near the beach called Hurricane something or other, and shared calamari and a great salad and a rack of ribs that were very good. Then we came home and got cleaned up and it turns out that our Ocean Potion sunscreen may in fact be slow-release sunburn cream, because I am fried, and everybody else is fine (they used Claire's sunscreen).

We made Owen's birthday cake last night, and some turrible cute marzipan animals that I will show to you on Skype.
He is one today, although technically he isn't really one yet, because he was born in the States, and it's still yesterday there. I guess we're teaching him to lie about his age already.

UPDATE:  That cake was really something.  Moist, delicious, all that jazz, but there were six sticks of butter in the frosting alone.  We cut tiny little slivers of it, and not a single one of us could finish a slice.  Too rich.  It was very surprising, coming from Martha.  You'd think she would have been more subtle.  Claire and Elaine and I all agreed that we could see how with even tiny adjustments you could really improve the edibility of the cake.  


Jenny said...

I LOVE your marzipan animals! We need to do something with you guys soon!

beckster said...

Just how old do you children have to be for you to stop worrying about them? From what I understand, that never happens! Those marzipan animals look like little art projects; way too cool to eat.