Monday, March 18, 2013

day 8 of my australia trip

We went to the Taronga Zoo yesterday. It's a pretty cool zoo, very big, and they have some animals I haven't seen elsewhere. Tree kangaroos are apparently a thing that exists, and I guess I should probably have one.

They also have a seal show, not quite as impressive as one at Sea World, but fun. 
We missed the Tasmanian devil keeper talk, but I was still able to find someone who could tell me about the facial cancer that all the Tassie devils are dying from. It's gross and disfiguring and fatal once they catch it, with no known treatment. They think the devils will be extinct in the wild within 15-25 years if they aren't able to find a cure. Sad! They have a neat bird show, and there is an Andean condor, which I have never seen. What an impressive bird. 
And I finally saw a platypus! It's small, not quite as big as Rex, and it just swam circles over and over in its tank. It's pretty cute. 
We saw some alligators, and rode a sky ride that takes you over the whole park, and we saw a pond of the most enormous koi you can imagine. They were seriously like a meter long. We did not fall into the alligator swamp.
When we got home we got takeaway Thai food from the place across the street. We got satay, roti duck, larb, and a beef stir fry. The restaurant smelled a little bit like when someone doesn't bathe their dog enough, but the food was delicious, especially the duck. Then we celebrated Owen's birthday for serious with that yummy but deadly cake. Then we packed our stuff for TASMANIAAAAAAAA!