Friday, March 8, 2013

I'd like to publicly dedicate the performance of this song to my brother

A couple of things:

The Smothers Brothers are so funny, and I feel bad that I've spent this much of my life not knowing that.  Our new outfit (that's what people around here call motor vehicles sometimes) has satellite radio, and of course I'm on the comedy station like flies on a gutwagon, and have had the opportunity to hear an Andy Griffith bit, the wonderful Brian Regan, and I've now discovered the Smothers Brothers.  I love them.  I laughed so hard the first time I heard their "Streets of Laredo" bit.

I got an email from the America's Test Kitchen people, and those fools think I'm going to make their banana bread recipe that calls for a banana juice reduction.  For crying out loud.  Whose life is so empty that they need to be adding an extraneous reduction step to what is basically a mix and dump recipe?  Can we just agree that the Braddock Tavern recipe from the comment section of that one post over on Tipsy Baker (scroll down--the commenter is Sarah Policastro, whom I don't know but am forever indebted to) is the best and get on with our lives?  I don't think it can be improved upon, I really don't.  It's so moist and custardy, with the perfect amount of banana flavor.  With or without chocolate chips, it is wonderful.  Make it.

Enjoy your Friday!