Sunday, March 3, 2013

oops, I left out a bunch of day 2 of my australia trip

This was a really long email home, and when I copied it over I missed a bunch of it.  So, here's the rest of day 2.

(When we last saw our heroes, they had just visited the Australian Museum . . .)

After the museum Claire and Norah and I went over to Chinatown for lunch, and Nate and Owen came down and met us. We had a yummy lunch, with the most delicious steamed pork dumplings I have had ever ever ever.  I could eat a hundred of pork dumplings. For dessert we tried the Lamington I bought from Pieface, which tastes about like you'd think a pastry from a chain store would taste--Dad would hate it--and then we bought some weird pastries from a Chinese bakery. The lemon roll was good, there were some other cakey things that were not as good, and I got a glutinous rice thing, that is like a ball of sticky rice paste filled with taro and rolled in coconut. It wasn't bad. While we were eating and walking around in Chinatown there was a crowd of men banging drums and three Chinese dragons that went up and down the streets dancing and making noise and setting off fireworks. I assume it's because it's close to the Chinese new year, but I am a silly Anglo and might not know what I'm talking about.  It was really fun to watch them.

After lunch we walked through Hyde Park again, and tried to go and see inside a big cathedral downtown, but it was closed for a wedding. Then we went to another big fancy mall and I saw lots of shoes and purses that I liked. Nate took the kids home and Claire and I went to a bookstore and saw some very depressing books for children, one of which told the story of a man who washes up on an island and the islanders keep him naked in a cage and eventually send him out into the ocean and set fire to the boat of the fisherman who told the people they should take the man in and take care of him.  It was a downer.  

Then Claire and I went to the grocery store, which I loved, and we came home and Claire made hot sour soup for dinner. It was delicious, as good as any I've had.  Normally hot sour soup is like, meh, I'd rather be eating something else.  Good job, Claire.  I want your recipe.  Then we watched Jaws and read a bunch of stuff about shark attacks and watched shark videos on the internet, then we went to bed.