Thursday, March 21, 2013

put my thing down flip it and reverse it

Shall we talk about something trivial?  Yes, let's.

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches:  Why do people keep doing them wrong?  I hate when people stand on principle and do the barest skiff of peanut butter and jam.  If you really care about being healthy you're not eating a PBJ anyway, so don't be a jerk.  Fill the sandwich.

I think supreming is the best way to eat grapefruit.  It's a time-sucking pain and no mistake, but it's the only way I can glut out on grapefruit like I want.  I want my mouth FULL of grapefruit, and you can't get a mouthful when you cut it in half!  And those refrigerated cups of sections and juice are an abomination that taste like poison.  Supreming:  do it.

I could save a bunch of money by building my own armoire for my bedroom if only I had the very expensive tools that are necessary to do the job.

Have you been telling yourself you're a good parent?  Well, unless your kids know where their grandparents were raised, you're blowing it.  The NYT says so.  You should probably start telling your kids some boring stories about what you wore to the first day of kindergarten, or how your mom smashed plums all over her neighbor's sidewalk.  Do we have a strong family narrative?  I think so.  I hope so.  I think our family definitely has a personality--is that good too?  Probably depends on what that personality is.

I just got done reading The White Plague, and that combined with the general state of our world is a REAL DOWNER.  Just sayin'.


beckster said...

I guess it depends on your philosophy, but I don't think PB&J sandwiches are unhealthy; lots of good protein, depending on the type of peanut butter, good fat! We could do a lot worse, and do every day. I had to go to youtube and watch a video on supreming. Didn't know what it was. See? I learn things from you. Thanks! The state of the world is a downer, but it probably always has been, it's just that it's do "in your face" these days. Take a news holiday. You will be amazed at how much better you feel. Or better yet, watch the documentary, Happy. You will feel better and humble.

Layne said...

I think PBJs are perfectly fine, but the sort of people who are skimping on the fillings are the same sort of people for whom all fat is bad fat. Sillies.

Jenny said...

I love grapefruit and I would never cut it in half! What a waste. I eat it even crazier. Peel and segment it like an orange, then I bite off the top edge of the segment, peel away the membrane and eat the lusciousness! It's a long process, but thats how I love my grapefruit!

g. lo said...

That's how I eat pomelo but grapefruits I supreme all the way!

All8 said...

I like 'The White Plague' but haven't looked at it for ages. I have found that most people are good, most of the time. They're still people but mostly good.

Wish someone would let the cafeteria know that sandwiches must not be skimpy. DH had the skimpiest tuna I've every seen. It was unsatisfying. Probably fat free mayo too, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.