Saturday, March 30, 2013

see the care they take with the eggs they make

A while ago I moved all the stuff out of the boys' room downstairs in the hideous dank pit.  I'm going to patch the walls and put the trim around the windows and probably borrow a sprayer to paint the room since there are those stupid pipes running across the ceiling.  About this same time I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets, since I've always sort of hated that they are brown.  Why did I not just get white cabinets to begin with?  Hard to say.  So I did some painting and took some of my doors off to get them ready to be sanded.  Then last week John had to drive the truck to Salt Lake to deliver our old bed to the lady who bought it, and it seemed like such a shame to have the truck so close to Ikea and not bring home the pieces to the wardrobe/armoire I'm putting in my bedroom--we're taking a Pax and making it look built in.  Silk purse out of a sow's ear kind of thing.  Exciting!  So the wardrobe is installed minus the doors, and now we have to put on all the moulding.  Basically I am doing all of the remodeling projects at once so our house can feel as frantic and out-of-sorts as possible for as long as possible.  Once it's all done it's going to be great, maybe.

I ate an egg salad sandwich for breakfast this morning with some of our Easter eggs, and it was a treat.  I love eggs.  Do you guys do presents at Easter?  We don't.  I refuse to allow Easter to become the new Christmas.  Too tired.  However, I could watch the Funny Little Bunnies Disney cartoon a hundred million times and never grow tired of it.  I discovered it at my aunt's house when I was a little girl, and I may have already watched it a hundred million times by now.


All8 said...

Good luck on all the renovations.

Love eggs myself. Have seen a bunch of bake or boil eggs out on the web lately. Have you tried to bake your eggs? I've heard that they have a creamier texture but I haven't tried it as yet.

Jenny said...

The kids get candy (mostly chocolate) and swimsuits and flip flops in their baskets. I always make me deviled eggs, which Richard and I are the only ones that who eat them. Post pics of all your projects please!