Monday, March 4, 2013

some of the men, not me, are wondering

Are you ever at the grocery store buying stuff, and as you're selecting some grocery item you know  deep inside that you're going to end up not using it, then throwing it out after it rots?  I do that all the time.  Mostly with produce, because it goes bad the fastest.  Not too long before I left for Australia I bought some yellow squash and bell peppers for something I was going to make, and as I was putting them in the bag a little voice inside me went, "Not a chance."  But I bought them anyway, and last night I threw them away because they were covered in furry black mold.  It's neat being able to tell the future.  I won't cheapen my gift by doing it for money, though, so don't even ask.

I'm beginning to wonder if my basement will ever be anything other than a dank pit.  My glimmer of hope is fading, fading.  I know some people who actually took a jackhammer and busted their cement basement floor out, dug down a foot or two, and then put a new floor in.  That sounds time-consuming, irritating, and expensive.  But at the end, you can stand all the way up in the basement, which seems like a good thing.

I made pavlova for dessert last night and tonight, because I didn't get to eat nearly enough of it in Australia.  I think I'm good for a while now, because I feel like the pavlova is bursting out of my stomach back up my esophagus.  Oops, too much.

I had to get a filling today.  This is how you know that I am selfless, because everybody knows that once you have kids your teeth go to crap, and yet I still had children, FOUR of them, and sure enough, now my teeth are falling apart.  Have I told you about my tooth complex?  I have beautiful teeth, I'll say it plain and simple, and one of the hurdles I had to get over when I was dating John was the fact that he had multiple fillings.  I felt like I was compromising my perfect dental integrity. I have overweening regard for my teeth.  And now I'm one of the porcelain-filled plebes, BOO.

Where do you think is the best place to get patterned, ivory-colored stockings?  This is a sincere question.