Sunday, March 10, 2013

sometimes it's just crazy in there

By the way, all my bees are dead.  I opened up the hive the other day when I was out doing yard work (it was still a little too cold to be comfortable  working outside, but I can't be cooped up in the house one second longer, I'm sure you understand) and there were all my bees in an inert, crunchy pile on the floor of the hive.  Why do bees hate us so much?  They didn't even drink any of the sugar syrup I made for them, which was way before it got super cold.  Are they too stupid to live, or is my yard so distasteful they'd rather die than live here?  There are fruit trees and flowers and indigenous plants and dandelions in abundance, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME BEES?  What rotten luck.  This is two years in a row, if anybody's counting.  Shall I try again?  I'm not sure what your advice is, but I think I will try again.  I'm sure it will only take three or four more hivefuls of dead bees before I have a breakthrough.

John and I took Grant to The Hobbit last night, and I enjoyed it and didn't really mind the creative license that was taken with the story.  It was a romp, if a bit heavy-handed with the use of slow-mo. I hope the Necromancer is happy with himself, now that he's unleashed the Witch King of Angmar.  Gosh, don't people ever get tired of unwittingly releasing evil into the world?  Did we learn nothing from Pandora?

Hazel and Sally are back, hooray!  We had to schlep through a sea of steer effluent to get to Hazel, which made me count my blessings that we didn't get that Charolais steer we were wanting last fall.  Steers are a real problem.  It's poop on a whole different scale from what I'm used to.  Hazel and Sally are a little bit suspicious of me since they've been gone so long, so yesterday I went out there and sat in the pen by them until they came up to me and let me pet them, and I think we're going to be just fine.  I have to say, I did a really good job of turning a sow's ear into a silk purse with Sally.  She could have been a real stinker, and was certainly headed that way, but I muscled through it and spent hour upon hour with her, and she is quite a good little girl now.  Constant vigilance!  Or something.


Barbie said...

Hi Layne,
We lost a few hives of bees here to. It's a mystery why with hives treated all the same one is great and the others dead. I'm like you though...still waiting for a breakthrough in insight as I continue to try again each year. I guess I like buying bees.