Friday, March 15, 2013

you know how his arm normally bends like this?

I flew a little too close to the sun yesterday, and have the backache to prove it.  But we made a mess of pies, and I do mean mess.  You should see my kitchen.  It looks like a garbage truck ate a hoarder in the baking aisle and then burst.

I could not resist the allure of the mini pie, and bought some of those cheap aluminum ones to tide me over until I can find/afford some glass ones.  I made a double batch of dough and divided it up into portions so each person could do their own crust and filling.  Grant did banana cream, as I knew he would, Emmett did chocolate chess, Ike did strawberry cream (which was literally just cut up strawberries and whipped cream on top--he would not listen to reason and include any vanilla filling), Willa did banana cream, John did apple, and I did lemon meringue.  They were the cutest pies ever, so precious you would probably weep and gibber at the sight of them.  I should have taken pictures to share with you, but I was so exhausted I could barely stand.  Because remember I also made shepherd's pie which, I'll say it, was fabulous, and a big apple pie for Grant to take to his math class.  I did a lattice top for it, which I realize is not traditional, but I made one for the first time last week and am drunk with the power of the lattice.

Now I can experiment with more uncommon flavors and not feel torn about losing a pie slot to something that might be a disappointment.  You don't want to blow pie day.  The mini pie plates have opened so many doors for me.  It's a door, and I went through it!  It kindled in me an unquenchable fire for permanent mini pie plates, and they will be mine.  When I went to San Francisco Jennifer and I saw some mini bamboo steamers that were just like the ones I carry my pies in now, and I almost bought them then, because can you IMAGINE how cute a MINI PIE in a MINI STEAMER BASKET would be?  I can't handle the glory of it.


beckster said...

I understand completely your mini-pie attachment. I have mini pyrex pie plates, and they are so fine! It opened a whole new world of pie making for me.

All8 said...

Oh, the delectable idea of mini pies. Why, yes, thank you, I'll take just a smidge of each. It's mini pie, can't be many calories in a slice of a mini pie.....

You are an enabler. The tantalizing thought of a mini lemon pie will tease me all night long. At least they'll be sweet dreams, literally.