Thursday, April 11, 2013

all I dream of lately

Let me tell you why starting on May 1st our town will no longer have recycling bins.  It's because the sheer volume of garbage, actual, un-recyclable garbage that people keep putting in the container, is so ponderous that we can't afford to clean it up anymore--like, we literally do not have the money to pay someone what it would take to get it cleaned up.  Mattresses, boards full of nails (there is a sign saying no wood), glass (ditto), expired prescriptions, tires, and in the words of one esteemed councilman, "bags and bags of dog sh*t."

You stay classy, townspeople!  Don't you realize that you're adding weapons to Belle's arsenal of self-aggrandizing arrogance?  Shut up, Belle.  I hate you.  You are a parasite.

But back to the recycling.  Most of the people who live here are using the bins correctly.  They're full all the time with legit recyclabes.  But then we've got residents and non-residents who know about the bins who I guess just want to not drive so far to the dump?  So they throw all their shower doors and kitchen cabinets and old sheetrock and recliners in with our milk jugs and cardboard boxes.  I imagine this is only one of many outlets for their psychopathy, and they generally suck as human beings.  And now they've ruined it for the rest of us.  I don't wish them death, but I do wish them harm.


g. lo said...

I suspect these are the same people that blow through stop signs while textingwhen I am riding my bike....I wish them harm in the form of speeding/moving violation tickets. Why do people like that spoil it for everyone else?