Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"brain matter leaking out your nose" sounds bad, but I'm no doctor

I love Sherman Alexie's writing, as you may remember from a past book report, and a while ago I thought, hey, I should follow him on Twitter.  Mistake.  His tweets are awful.  He is so negative and self-absorbed that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Plus he only sees the world through the lens of minority oppression.  I get why he would lean that way, but buddy, just as an example, the Boston Marathon bombing is not actually about you, and it's super tacky to try to wrench the discussion in that direction.  I had to unfollow him.

The Magic Eraser truly is.

Every time we do another season of soccer I want to punch the old me--the me who looked around at all the people who I thought were overscheduled and said "that will never be me"--in the mouth. What did I know?  My kids all have one sport, and two of them have a musical instrument, and just those few things keep us running running running in the daytime.  I was a self-righteous idiot.  Surprise!

Preach, sister.  (there is swearing)


Tori said...

I think I've admitted it before but I'll do it again, I have no problem with cupcakes. I like the cupcake thing better than I like the donut thing. And as long as I resisted the it, now I am totally okay with the froyo thing. For sure what they all have in common is being a huge rip-off.

Remember you were jealous that Sherman Alexie gave my commencement address and I said you shouldn't be? Now you know why.

And lastly, I was just this morning filled with self-loathing as I tried to figure out my three year old's summer schedule.

Layne said...

TORI! Where have you been? Welcome back to the internet, your presence and comments have been sorely missed.

I only hope the cupcake devaluation takes so long that it overshadows the coming pie ascent and collapse--I can't bear for pie to become as vilified as cupcakes. Surely that will never happen? Because pie is better than cupcakes, right?