Tuesday, April 23, 2013

but it's soon, catch the moon, one-handed catch

Yesterday on Twitter Mike Birbiglia (a comedian) was opining that we should stop glorifying and celebrating murderers by giving them endless streams of news coverage.  I concur.  Then on NPR I heard the ridiculous idea that some members of Congress think that Tsarnaev (or Bomber #2, as Mike Birbiglia thinks we should refer to him) should be tried as an enemy combatant in a military tribunal, not in the civil justice system.  Unacceptable!  What a ridiculous, perverse, dangerous assertion!  He is a terrible, horrible person, but he is also an American citizen!  What person does not see the slippery slope of denying American citizens who are accused of particularly heinous crimes their constitutional rights?  Would our esteemed congressmen also be interested in themselves being tried in military courts when they are accused of one or more of the myriad crimes they seem irresistibly drawn to?  Stupid.  Everybody is stupid.

I have two of my cabinet doors painted white now.  Only 27 to go!  You will probably not be surprised to learn that the results are not as nice as if I had just gotten white cabinets in the first place, WHY DID I LISTEN TO YOU, MOM?  But it is acceptable to me.  When you live in an old house you have to relax your standards to a certain extent.  Either that or have more money and time than I do.  I also painted all the trim in my bedroom and so I feel like a hard worker.  My next project, while I'm working on the cabinets, is to make a fake capiz shell light fixture for my bedroom.  I think it will be silly and fun.  I like the fake ones, because the light bleeds through the paper and makes the whole thing glow.  

John and I went to a production of West Side Story the other night.  I love that show so much, not sure why, since it's a total downer.  Poor Maria.  I feel so sad when she says she can kill now because she has hate now.  I sort of feel bad for the Jets all along, especially during "Gee, Officer Krupke," but then the scene with Anita in the drugstore?  BOOM.  Done with them.  Yes, you inherited a lousy world, but you don't get to make it more lousy.  Don't act like you don't know right from wrong.  


beckster said...

Agreed! What is with these people who think it is reasonable to change the rules that we all purport to love and cherish just because they are particularly offended by what they view as a heinous crime. Agreed, people are stupid.

I bet your will not notice the cabinets' imperfections after a few days, just as you would have ceased to notice their supposed perfection had you bought new ones. Sounds like you are in a home improvement whirlwind!

All8 said...

Wow, you are on a streak getting stuff done. You'll feel all kinds of better (and not so irritated) once it's over. Good luck.

tipsybaker said...

Now I will have to look up "capiz."
I learn something new from your every post.