Thursday, April 25, 2013

I forgot what a boring song that is

I have four cabinet doors painted now! Moving right along, I am. Right now I have in the green glass knobs I was using before, but I'm wondering if I should be a total joiner and get some oil-rubbed bronze knobs and bin pulls. They're so played, but they look so good with white cabinets!  I already have some in the hall closet, and they look really nice. What do you think? Vote in the comments, green glass or oil-rubbed bronze.  
Green glass:

Oil-rubbed bronze:

Also I was moving the furniture around yesterday and what can I do with these stupid cabinets? 

I switched out the dumb wooden knobs for the pretty white ones, which helps the dining room not look like such a dog's breakfast, but I guess I'm in a natural-wood-hating mood these days.  Should I paint them?  Stain them a darker color to match the buffet?  If paint, what color?  Am I using capiz shell chandeliers and pine cabinets to avoid the very real problem that is the basement which is in a state of complete upheaval?  My children are sleeping on the couches and floor downstairs because they don't have a room.  Is this bad?  How bad?  


beckster said...

I vote for the green glass knobs. I think they are really lovely and much more unusual. And easier to clean. Shall I go on? But, you decide, it's your house. I would think long and hard before I changed the color of those free-standing cabinets. They can never really be redeemed. I have done that in the past, and I was sorry I did it. I like them. Maybe you are just tired of them? These days I try to stick with changes that involve paint on the walls, not on furniture. I am not going to comment on whether or not you are avoiding the basement. You know the answer to that.

tipsybaker said...

Oh no, Beckster and I disagree. I vote bronze, but it was the drawer pulls that tipped me. I couldn't decide on the knobs.
But I do agree about painting and staining. I've done it and regretted it. Don't do it, not with such big pieces. The cabinets are nice and one day your taste will shift again.

Tori said...

I'm with Tipsy on the kitchen hardware. I like the glass knobs, but I like the bronze drawer pulls better than the glass ones. And by the way, when I painted our bedroom dressers white my intention was to get glass knobs for them...and ended up with oiled bronze. Great minds.

I dissent on the cabinets. I would do something to them if you don't like them how they are. But then, I've got a house full of stuff that I'm totally sick of looking at.


bronze...and yes paint the cabinets in the dining room, you know me I am all about color, but you could tone it down, maybe a soft yellow or red:)

g. lo said...

I am in with Tipsy/Tori on the drawer knob/pull situation. I think you should do whatever you want to make those cabinets more pleasing to you. I did milk paint on a similar cabinet in barn red and never regretted it. If you wind up hating it you can turn them into artisanal chicken coops and sell them on Etsy for $1000 each.