Monday, April 8, 2013

people wouldn't lie about my tight pants

That was a nice spring break.  We were toying with the idea of visiting Zion National Park, because we are trying to do better at being tourists in our own land, but we decided to stay home and do projects instead.  We wanted to get the armoire built, the walls patched in the boys' room, and the cupboards sanded.  In typical fashion, because John and I are not what anyone could accurately call "handy," the only thing we got done was the armoire.  But it turned out nice, I think.

What a beaut.  It took so much longer than we thought it would, but on the bright side, it cost a third of the cheapest estimate I got from a custom cabinet builder.  It's just a Pax armoire with Bergsbo doors from Ikea that we set on a platform and put moulding around on the top and bottom to make it look and feel built in.  Thankfully our great next-door neighbor is very handy and built the base for it and helped me get it all installed, so really all John and I had to do was put on the doors and moulding, which was plenty.  It was tricky, because our olde-tymey plaster walls are not square or plumb or whatever walls are supposed to be, so we had to be cunning and crafty with the moulding.  John had to cut the top front piece about six times before it was right.  But it is finally done, and I think it looks good.  I love the knobs--they are 1 1/2" honey amber glass knobs from D. Lawless Hardware, which is my favorite place for knobs.  

Now to patch the walls.  In dark moments I contemplate just covering them with masking tape and calling it a day.  I hate that stupid room with its pipes and holes and general suckiness.  


beckster said...

This looks really great! Truly! Is that wallpaper on the ceiling? I don't think a pro could have done it better. Stand back and congratulate yourselves.

Jenny said...

I love it and it turned out so great! I'm impressed. The knobs are the perfect touch! Sorry we couldn't meet up with you last kids were really bummed!

Unknown said...

Crafty and Cunning? I'd say. Lovely work. I thought it was a built in upon first glance.