Monday, April 29, 2013

tally me bananas

You guys have given me much food for thought re: cabinets.  Thank you.

Because I don't think I have nearly enough projects going on, now I will start researching the advisability or lack thereof of starting a little cafe in our town.  I feel all warm and fuzzy about the general concept, but it would rule our lives, which is maybe not great.  Really what I want is a good shaved ice place.

Last night I went to bed and was asleep probably by 10:30, and then this morning I woke up at 5:30!  Without an alarm or anything!  Yuck.  I wanted my full eight hours.  I hope I don't turn into one of those old people who never sleeps.  I don't care if I don't need to sleep that long, I want to sleep that long.

The birch tree across the street is dead and is going to fall through the roof of the house, and then they'll never be able to sell it.  The house, I mean.  They'll be able to sell the tree no problem--just a couple of weeks ago a guy was driving past and came and asked us if he could have the branch that had fallen onto the lawn.  John was like, "Uh, we don't live there, but neither does anyone else, so you're probably fine."

At lunchtime I was coming back from the school--there was a small almost-emergency when it looked like we had lost the punch passes for the carnival on Friday, which would be a total disaster--and at the dairy a mile or so west of my house there was a small river of cows that had escaped and were making a break for it to the field across the street.  I took a picture of them and texted it to the girl in my YW whose family owns the dairy, saying "Oopsie, some of your cows are out," and she texted back "Oh shit."  Then she realized who she was talking to and apologized for the farming words, and I told her NBD, because animals don't listen to anything else.  I don't use many farming words about my animals, because they don't stress me out, but John sure does.  His farming words are mostly about irrigation, though.

We put our bees in on Saturday.  They are nowhere near as chill as last year's batch, but maybe what I thought was chill was actually sickly, and that's why they didn't make any honey.  Maybe these guys will be pounding it, honeywise.  Hope so.  John joked with one of our Goat and Bee Consortium friends that from now on what we're going to do instead of buy bees is just get eighty dollars and set it on fire.


All8 said...

3rd time the charm?! I hope your bees get up and do lots of business, just for you. (Totally understand lighting money on fire.)

beckster said...

Oh, your husband is funny. I, too, completely understand lighting money on fire, but $80 is not too much. Life is a gamble, and you are due to win! I am thinking honey thoughts.

Unknown said...

This really cracks me up today. It was the perfect start to my day. Now I think I'll go bathe with my luxury soap someone dropped off yesterday...