Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm not shy, so I asked for the digits

I have a bad habit of putting my fingers in my eyes.  They get stuff in them all the time, and I've got to dig it out, and I try to do it carefully and with clean hands, but sometimes your hands just aren't clean.  Sometimes you've just been touching dirty things.  So for whatever reason, I seem to frequently get pinkeye, go figure.  Yesterday I was getting something out of my eye, and I had just been pushing a shopping cart, and as I was digging in my eyes I thought, "I should have washed my hands."  So this morning my eye is all goopy, yay me.  But I've got a tube of medicine, and I will overcome.

The baby chicks live outside in a rattletrap mess of a cage I cobbled together, and although it means I can't park in the garage, because they are in there at night, it has been a real pleasure to not have them in the house covering all the surfaces with chicken dander.  I think they like it too, because I put them outside on the grass all day, and I put a garden stake through the cage so they can practice roosting.  We got three more babies, only one of which we had ordered, but of course she needed company.  We named them Skunk, Musk Ox, and Yam Hill.  It's a real party out there right now, with the big chickens pooping all over the yard and driveway, and the little chickens pooping all over the floor of the garage, and John is probably going to have a mental break about it any day now, but in my defense, he's the one who wanted to order the new ones.  He hasn't said how he plans to deal with the old ones, but he does sometimes talk about mink farms.  Of course we're not going to put them in a chipper-shredder to make chicken slurry for mink, but we do need to do something.  Twenty chickens is too many, unless they stay in their pen, which they don't because the fence is too short and I evidently suck at clipping wings.

I checked on my bees yesterday, and they are doing fabulously well!  They have all but six bars totally filled with comb, all the way to the floor.  So they've made as much or more comb in the last few weeks as those losers from last year (rest their souls) made the whole summer.  I bet it's the beefcake supplement and the fancy oils I've been putting in their water.  Tiny Tim WILL LIVE, I guarantee it.


beckster said...

Oh, oh, oh! I am so excited for you and your bees! Congratulations! Whatever you're doing, just keep doing it. Aren't you glad you are persistent?

All8 said...

Okay, I tried to post while I was in town...... I hope that your bees bring you much hivey and honey happiness. I'm excited for you too.