Tuesday, May 7, 2013

it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me

It started out innocently enough.  The glass knob wouldn't come out of one of my cabinet doors, so I thought since I'm probably going to change the knobs anyway (sorry Beckster--the glass ones are going to go into storage for a bit), I'll just break this one and then I can get the machine screw out.  But one thing led to another and now the cabinet door is at the cabinet door hospital having emergency surgery.

I bought a terrible food at T.J. Maxx yesterday.  I was looking for things to make gift baskets for the ladies who helped me rake in lots of moolah at the school carnival (which was a frigging nightmare, but is blessedly over for another year), and there was this stuff that has caramel popcorn and pretzels and potato chips and dark and milk and white chocolate and I bought it and now it's almost gone.  I wish sweets were not so appealing to me.  I almost always overindulge and get a headache, but it's not until after I've eaten the sweet, by which point the headache doesn't do me any good.  I'm like a cat, people!  I can't connect consequences if they're not immediate!

The aforementioned school carnival was madness and mayhem, and half the people who were supposed to come run the games didn't, so I was running around recruiting people who were there attending the carnival and pressing them into service as carnies.  The fifth graders on the student council were so burned out by the time they were done that the free slice of pizza was not really enough to appease them.  One of the bouncy houses had a ginormous hole in the side where a seam had failed and been duct taped multiple times, which partly explains why this guy's estimate was $200 cheaper than the other people.  John came over just in time to win the auction for the wheelbarrow, which I had my heart set on.  It's the nicest wheelbarrow, you guys.  I don't know if we'll even put goat poop in it for a while.

We bought some beefcake protein supplement for the bees so they can be on teevee lookin' all buff, plus we got some essential oils to put in their sugar water.  I'll tell you what, if these bees leave or die or whatever I will be super T.O.ed.  I am giving them so many opportunities to succeed.

I was thinking about education today, not just formal education, but life-long seeking after knowledge, and I really do think it's the difference between freedom and slavery, between acting and being acted upon.  I don't think it's a coincidence that in oppressive societies the ruling class controls and limits access to education.  It makes me think about different ways to spend our local and national budgets, and what effect more and better after-school programs and tutoring and vocational training might have.  Just solving problems from the couch in my parlor, that's all.


beckster said...

I am ok about the knobs, after all it's your kitchen! I feel like I am usually in the minority on these issues. Maybe I have great stealth taste or it STANKS, but let's don't pursue that. Boy, I bet you are glad the school carnival is over, but it sounds like it was a success. I know just how you feel about sweets. I am currently trying not to eat an entire package of Biscoff cookies. I am really cheering for your bees. I want them to succeed, too. It is so sad how they are dying off, and we may all starve as a result, but no hyperbole for me, eh?

g. lo said...

Your bees have no excuses. I thought about the left over cupcakes all morning and then finally ate one at 1 o'clock. Then I was good--out of my system. But beware the giant bag of kettle corn; I make my husband hide that or I am like a meth addict.