Tuesday, May 21, 2013

jairo says he only needs two hours of sleep a night

Today when my phone beeped my Tuesday reminder to go volunteer in Ike's classroom I was in the midst of painting my fingernails.  Each fingernail is a different color, and I'm digging it big-time.  Red, mint, silver, powder blue, and brownish-maroon are the colors.  They don't match!  They don't even complement each other!  I am so free.  Then I went and helped the kids glue Tab A to Dot A and Tab B to Dot B to make a pop-out butterfly, and the teacher gave me Idle Isle nut balls (I think they're really called almond creme toffees or something, but nut balls is a more fun name) to thank me for my year of service, and I was all, "Nut balls?  Totally worth it!"  Then Willa graduated from kindergarten and I cried a little bit, but I made the tears stay in my eyes because I'm not going to be the sort of person who cries at a kindergarten graduation.  Then this afternoon Willa wanted her fingernails and toenails painted, and I figured, why not make myself look like I just clawed somebody to death with my toenails?  Done and done.  You can see the pictures on Twitter.  Good day.


tipsybaker said...

Can I volunteer in Ike's classroom? Nut balls. LOVE.
Is there something in the air? I painted my nails, toes and fingers, yesterday too. For the first time in, what, a year?
There was an occasion recently where I had to force the tears to stay in my eyes but I can't remember what it was. If I remember, I'll be back.
I'm going straight over to Twitter right now.

Tori said...

I was just visiting my friend and her newborn and we were wondering how we ever remembered to do anything (feed, change baby) before there were apps and phone reminders. It's amazing that my mother ever made it anywhere.