Tuesday, May 28, 2013

she needs to lose that hat

Guess what, a cupcake place is going in across the street from the gas station down the road from my sister's house. Why don't people listen?  Why don't they read?  CUPCAKES ARE OVER.  It's only a matter of time.  Sure, because it's Utah they might have a few more years before the bubble bursts, and supposedly this place is going to make pies as well, so maybe they'll be okay because they are diversified, BUT STILL.

Sometimes I'm downloading my emails, and my phone bings, and I'm all excited, and then it's something about elections from the American Dairy Goat Association.  It makes me feel nerdly.  

If you could be any animal besides a human, what would you be?  I was thinking orca, but the whole thing about living in the water but not being able to breathe water gives me pause.  But it would be pretty great not to have to worry about sharks anymore, unless the megaladon has in fact survived in the deep places in the ocean and is just waiting for an event such as an underwater volcano to create the warm currents necessary for crossing the cold deep ocean and emerging into the upper brine to recommence its reign of terror.  

Do you think all documentaries get their music from the same warehouse?  I'm watching The Business of Being Born, which I can already tell  is going to make me mad, because I have met too many people who I know would watch it and rather than analyzing the movie would simplistically condense its message to "HOSPITAL BAD" and grab just any so-and-so who said she was a midwife and end up dying in the bathtub because they refused to accept that medical intervention is ever a good thing.  Can we not agree that there can exist a happy middle ground between making a woman feel weak, negligent and cowlike for taking advantage of some of the wonders of modern medicine on one hand, and burning midwives as witches on the other?  Either way the mother is made to feel inadequate, what a surprise.  Sometimes doctors and hospitals kill babies.  Sometimes midwives do too.  You know how I hate the "but it's been done this way for thousands of years" argument.  Antiquity does not bestow virtue.  People used to be idiots.  People still are idiots!  Babies and moms used to die all the time.  We learn from experience.  The way to fix the shocking infant trauma and mortality rate, and the bizarre clinicalization of childbirth in the U.S. is not to blindly accept all "natural" home birthing methods as acceptable, nor to accept all modern birthing methods as such.  (I think we might want to try EATING BETTER and getting MORE SLEEP AND EXERCISE for a start, but I'm a Pollyanna.)  Maybe it's just my particular experience, and maybe I'm over-generalizing, but the ladies around here are not always the most discerning about what is really in their best interests.  Mormons are often what one might call "trusting," which in practical application equals "super gullible."  Yikes, do your research.  You are not doing the practice of midwifery--which we very much need to stay vibrant, and become more accepted, because I so wish I had been more prepared, and had realized what other options I had when I was having my children--any favors when you treat them all as equally proficient.  Doctors aren't equal, why would midwives be?  

Pardon my froth, but it extends to the entire health industry--it makes me frustrated that people either believe that only troglodytes would refuse to take statin drugs or have an unmedicated labor, or that conventional medicine is the devil and it's all moon phases and radio waves from here on out.  Why are there so few doctors who practice the best parts of both disciplines?  

EDIT:  Okay, I'm a few more minutes into it, and I'm liking it and agreeing with it.  I could eat a placenta right now!  


All8 said...

It's just human nature to abhor and demean whatever doesn't fit into your bubble of understanding. My SIL just went through the same thing but it was about food and the WofW and it got weird. She was relieved when they went home. When you figure it out, let me know. I'd buy a ticket for that tour.

g. lo said...

believe you me, I have a lot to say on the subject of childbirth, but I hesitate to froth on the internet lest somebody I know see and misinterpret...we have to get together over some Indianers sometime and discuss amongst ourselves.

Tori said...

Way back in the oughts when I was pregnant the first time, I had to use an OB/GYN because I have military insurance and they were in the "midwifery is witchcraft" camp. I managed to have an un-induced, natural childbirth in a hospital setting, despite the fact that the doctors and nurses kind of treated me like I deserved to suffer if I was going to refuse their medical intervention.

This time, I have been allowed to use a midwifery practice, but I will still give birth in the hospital. Because sh** happens. It seems like a nice, happy medium to me.

tipsybaker said...

My sister-in-law had the best quote I ever heard about home birth: "I wouldn't want to do that to my house." I always envisioned it as very messy -- a big tub of water in the living room? What if it spilled? -- though perhaps I was mistaken. Doesn't matter as I'm past all that. Tori, I think midwife in hospital sounds very reasonable.

g. lo said...

Tori, I am surprised Tricare didn't cover midwifery care...but I am glad you are able to have a different experience this time around. We are just starting a tub protocol where I work now--not for waterbirth, just for comfort in labor. And we won't be doing this:

Layne said...

We should all get together over . . . like macarons or something and talk about childbirth. And the dolphin birth! I loved that crazy story. Oh, America.