Wednesday, May 1, 2013

that's not what you asked me

I just stimulated the crap out of our local economy.  First I bought a microwave at Murphy's, then chocolates at Idle Isle, then a tie at the place next door to Idle Isle (awesome ties, not much money, see how cute:)

then lip gloss at Treebee something.  I can't imagine it's very easy to stay in business in our little town, and I wish them luck.

Such is my reverence for the cave of wonders that is Costco that even store-brand convenience foods take on an air of respectability.  I was thisclose to buying a tray of heat-and-serve chiles rellenos yesterday, but managed to keep my head in the end.  The ingredient list was not bad, you guys.  Stop looking at me like that.

Last weekend we watched "Victory," a John Huston film; simplified synopsis:  Nazis are so bad they will even cheat at football.  It has Michael Caine in it!  I love him.  Plus Pele!  And Rocky, who at first is hateful times ten, but then I guess I got used to him.  I think you should watch this show. I got way invested in the storyline, and even cried at the end.

After putting two bottles of generic drain cleaner down my tub in the last month the thought occurred to me last night that maybe I was dealing not just with muck and grime neat, but muck and grime combining their powers with a giant clog of some kind.  So I figured out how to take out the plug, and there before me lay the horrible truth.  Long story short, the tub drains fine now, and is cleaner than it's been since the last time I cleaned it.  Normally the boys clean the bathrooms, but every once in a while I do a rotation so it gets a proper cleaning.