Wednesday, June 26, 2013

detective or sneak?

We are done kidding for the year, and I am feeling much happier than I was at the beginning.  Hazel is, like, the best goat of all time.  Triplets, two of which were breech, and the worst possible configuration of such?  NAILED IT.  To sum up quickly, she had one buck, labored for another hour, then had a doe, a big clump of placenta, and then another doe.

Here's the long version of the story, which is more for my records than for entertainment:  Willa came yelling into the house yesterday afternoon "Hazel's having her babies!  I saw a thing coming out of her bum!"  So out I ran, and saw that we were going to have trouble because there was a big old baby butt (plus scrotum, nice) hanging in the breeze.  I sat down next to Hazel and gently eased the baby out while she pushed, and miraculously it wasn't too bad.  I didn't even have to do an episiotomy (joking, I don't even know if you can/should do that to a goat).  I was mad it was a boy, though.  Then Hazel acted like she wanted to have another baby for a while with no progress.  Our neighbor--the one we bought Hazel from--came over and went spelunking but couldn't feel anything.  We sat and chit-chatted for a while, then Kathy checked again, and tried to go further down the canal, and found the hips of the next baby.  I got all anxious, because it was a miracle the last breech birth went as well as it did, and we couldn't turn the one inside without professional help.  So I called the vet and we got the truck all backed up to the pen so Hazel wouldn't  have to walk very far, and I went into the pen to get her, and there was a slimy new baby girl on the straw.  So that was a relief.  We waited some more, then just when it seemed like all she had left in her was placenta, ploop, here came a baby head out the birth canal.  Kathy had come back by then to see how things were going, and she hunkered down and pulled the doeling right out before you could even say boo.  She is a roan, which makes me very happy.  It was an exciting delivery, and I was all covered with mucus and blood and other effluent.  I think my shirt and shorts might be ruined.  I'm so thankful that there were no complications--Hazel could easily have had her uterus sliced open by the babies' hooves and died.  It seems that she likes having triplets.

Here is how they look:

 Minerva (panting) and Templette (nuffing the ground) 

Mr. Gibbs in the foreground, with Roger in the background. 

Roger has to go to the vet today to get his eye operated on--his eyelid keeps folding under and irritating his eye, and he'll go blind if we don't fix it.  Even though we're selling him it seems cruel to just leave it the way it is.


g. lo said...

Congrats! If I had to deliver human triplets with two out of three being breech, I would have been covered with my own bodily fluids as well.