Monday, June 10, 2013

it all just sounds like oooooooooo

We're leaving for Cedar City in a few days, and I've been hoping that Hazel and Sally would be cool to me and kid just a tiny bit early so I won't spend the entire time worrying about all the starving dead goat kids waiting for me at home--not that there would be any.  Goats are very good at taking care of things on their own (unlike some I could mention, SHEEP), but I like to be there all the same, especially since Sally was such a poopypants last year about letting her babies nurse.  Well, here is what I found today:

Yay! Sort of.  Sally had kidded a beautiful baby, but wouldn't you just guess, it's a buck.  Those gorgeous looks, from that fantastic breeding, wasted on something we can't even keep.  It's like the heartbreak of Tex all over again.  Look at his blaze!  And that splash on the side!  This is a disappointment.  I have my fingers crossed for Hazel.  The genes aren't quite as ritzy, but we could definitely work up with a doe from Hazel--just look how beautiful her daughter Sally is.  

I just remembered--I meant to talk about how much I hate nightgowns.  Why would somebody want to wear one?  Do they derive comfort from a doughnut of fabric wadded around their midsection?  Nightgowns are ridiculous and there seems to be no reason to wear one unless you're a person who enjoys pretending to live in a time before women were allowed to wear pants.  Even so--bloomers have existed for a long time, couldn't they have just worn bloomers to bed?  I wash my hands of it.  

I went to an Amish bulk foods store this afternoon, and one of the brands they carry leans pretty heavily on artificial colors and flavors, which I wouldn't think the Amish would have a lot of access to, and it doesn't seem to me that jam and pickles need artificial colors and flavors, but what do I know?  


tipsybaker said...

I am with you on nightgowns. Thanks for saying what I had never even known I thought.
That is one handsome goat. Those long, luxuriant ears. When I see ears like that I realize that our babies' ears are ridiculous. Cute but ridiculous.

beckster said...

What a beauty! Too bad it's a buck. It's totally out of the question to keep him? What a shame. OK, I know I often seem to be contrary, but I like nightgowns. They do not wad up around my waist unless they are too long or made of material that is too thick. I love a nightgown that is waltz length out of cotton lawn. Heaven! I hate pj's. It's a gown or nothing for me. Maybe I am not as restless as you. I have found that Amish people can and do eat a lot of things that we think of as unhealthy. Maybe if you work as hard as they do, you can eat anything!