Sunday, June 9, 2013

maybe I'll name a buck snidely whiplash

Couple of thoughts:

Willa might be my first child to like Playmobil toys.  I've tried so hard, but all my kids have denied me the opportunity of buying myself Playmobil under the pretense of buying it for them.  Jerks.  But the other day after we spent over an hour doing birthday recon in the artsy fartsy toy store in Logan I asked Willa what her three favorite things in the store were, and one of the things she showed me was a Playmobil set with a pegasus pulling a carriage.  So now the door is open, and I was looking for a couple of people to augment the pegasus carriage, and one of the sets in the same line as the carriage is of what they call a princess and a fairy, and they are both wearing dresses, but for some reason the fairy character looks like it has stubble of a handlebar mustache.  Curious!  

I think it would be nice if we as a culture developed a custom of giving breakup presents at the end of relationships.  Nothing extravagant; just a little something nice to end things on a good note.  Like a gift certificate for a Frosty or something, you know?

I ate so much sushi tonight that I came dangerously close to vomiting.

We watched the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie the other day, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I think that the first time I watched it it was too hard to understand.  How sad that a Disney pirate movie was over my head.  I guess I'm getting dementia.


g. lo said...

I fear my Playmobil days are coming to an end at least until there are grandchildren, but I will be saving them all. At least I can look forward to the Playmobil advent calendar every year. How do you feel about cronuts? If you have Trader Joe's frozen croissants they are obscenely easy to make. Overconsumption may result in vomiting.

Layne said...

I have no quarrel with the cronut, because they're unique, and if making croissant dough from scratch, not something your average Joe can throw together in thirty minutes.

tipsybaker said...

Sushi is sneaky and it's easy to overeat. Is Playmobil different from Fisher Price? Obviously it wasn't part of childhood in this house.